Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Before & After


Happy Place

I'm in a happy place right now. I have the apartment to myself and I got a lot accomplished this afternoon. All of my laundry is finished, I did some grocery shopping, did some more organizing/cleaning around here and I also walked down Knickerbocker Ave. to check out the RadioShack that's down there. I'd never gone down that far so it was good. I picked up a menu at a pizza place down there that seems like it might be pretty good. I've been looking for a pizza place around here so now maybe I have one! Who doesn't like pizza?? Currently I've been folding laundry, organizing my drawers, lol that's a funny statement, listening to some of my favorite albums, and just relaxing by myself before work tonight. I'm also in a good mood because it's been snowing outside, it's uber cold, and I'm just glad I'm working tonight instead of trying to go out and make big plans and spend a bunch of money. I can stay sober and watch other people get wasted and earn money. I was just doing a little research into computer fixers in the city and I think I might have found a good one. I filled out a little form and someone should be calling me soon. I'll just check it out and see how much it is and if they think they can fix me. The ultimate would be to have them fix my old hard-drive and then things could just go back to normal, you know? Right now I'm listening to Nashville by Josh Rouse. Greaaaat album. I love it, it's become one of my favs of the newer genre. There's all different types of lists I can create on this blog.....I should do a top 20 favorite albums or something. I don't think I could put them in a particular order.....

Keep your eye out for that when I get around to it. I gotta leave for work in about an hour and a half. I'm working on 23rd street tonight. I'm not sure what kind of party it is but I'm sure it will be interesting!! I'm getting back into the NY groove. Yesterday was definitely a transition period from going from home to NYC. But I feel like today I'm getting into the rhythm and the style of life. It's a relief to get things accomplished, laundry finished, room cleaned up and know you are going to work and earning money. I'm not bummed about it at all, that is having to work on New Year's Eve. There's always so much hype to it anyway, it usually doesn't live up to what it is expected to be. Plus it'll be nice to actually earn money instead of spending it! Alright I gotta move on to the next of record players, that's why I went to RadioShack. I was looking for an analog converter or something and the dude said that if I'm using a red and white plug that that's already a digital feed so it should work. I don't get it, I know my plugs work in my receiver so I'm not sure why it's not getting through to the speakers. I guess it will take a bit more concentration and looking in to. It's so quiet and peaceful around here right now!! I kind of wish I could spend all night around here. I'll post a before and after pic because I have to shave off my goat in a few minutes. I wonder if there will be some celebrities at this party tonight!?!? I'll let you know if there are. I have this pic on my desk of my sisters and I from awhile ago; Sue's 21st bday so that puts me back in high school, probably 17. It's funny, a great photo though. Oh man it's such a relief to have all my crap put away, organized, and laundry done and put away. Good stuff. I've been really missing going to the gym and working out, running, and stuff like that. It was a good feeling going from work to the gym and getting all that out and working up a good sweat. It made me feel great too. When things pick up a bit more for me I am definitely going to find somewhere to go. hey anyone out there do you need a car? Do you know anyone that needs a car? I have a 2005 Subaru Impreza that is awesome and is for sale. if you're interested please let me know!

OK well I need to jump in the shower and get ready.

I hope you have an awesome New Year's Eve!!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The magic number

This is my 69th post. Woohoooooo!!!!! I am celebrating with a good glass of red wine that andy politely brought over and some good tunage. I started this thing, what, back in September? I didn't really know what I was doing back then and still don't really but it really started up when I made the move which was October 11, 2008. I've made 69 posts since I started this blog. Is that good? I mean say it's been 3 months since I've been blogging and I'm not that far away 90 posts so that's almost 1 post a day. ALMOST, that's pretty good I'd say. What do you think? It's definitely turned into something very enjoyable and therapeutic. I'm still not sure who's really reading it but I hope that I'm able to reach out to some people that I might not necessarily talk to on a regular basis but I still care about. There's a lot of people that I've met and known in my lifetime. So many people that I really like and really care about. The sad part is you only are able to keep in touch with a few of them. People fade in and out of your life with little control on your part. It just happens. I try to do my best as far as reaching out to those that are most important in my life. I feel sometimes I'm the only one who's doing it and not getting too much on response. Oh well. It doesn't benefit to give up because then you will just be alone, out of touch, and unhappy. Maybe not the last part but who knows? This red wine is awesome, I forget what kind it was though. A bordeaux I think?? Is that a type of red wine? LOL. I'm straying from my point of this post and that is that tomorrow is the last day of this year and so on the side of the blog it will now show 70 some posts for the year 2008 and every post after that will be part of 2009. That seems like a big step. This year has been quite a topsy-turvy experience for myself and I'm not quite sure how I'm leaving the year. I know from my parent's point of view it'd be not very good. I don't disagree but I'm also really learning a lot and growing up, seeing new things, opening my eyes to a lot. It's tough to explain but your early 20's are a difficult time and I'm going through all of that right now. I don't know what I want, what I want to be doing, who I want to be with, where I'm headed. I don't know. I hope 2009 will prove to put me in a better place and really get in on the right track. I know it's had some rough times coming and I don't know if that was self inflicted or what. All I can do is thank those that have helped and supported me and I hope you keep in touch and keep reading!!!

OK I'm back

Kinda. Well I feel like everything in the last few hours has gone wrong but things before that were good. I made it back into the city a few hours after noon and did a whole bunch of unpacking, organizing, hanging of things, and more of the same. I hung up some shelves in the kitchen as well as some pots and pan hooks and it looks great. I'm excited, it's starting to look even more like a kitchen. I heard through the door when gordon was looking at the pots and pans that he said he won't use them because the "teflon" causes cancer, well what doesn't? You know, well whatever. Most of the other pots and pans we have are non-stick too so I don't know what the problem is. Anyway so it was a very productive afternoon/evening. After I did a bunch of that I showered up (which was nice to get back to my tall good pressured shower, that doesn't howl and whistle, lol). I decided to tackle the computer business with installing the new harddrive from my dad and it went pretty well. I was messing with trying to install new drivers and other stuff to fix some bugs and I re-installed windows and now am at another stopping point and I've just been getting frustrated to noooo end! so I had to stop because I was about to just throw it out the window. Sooo frustrating. So now I'm on Gordon's macbook. If I had moneys I'd go get myself a powerbook and be back on track. It was nice to be home and I got to spend a lot of quality time with family and friends. I was ready to get back to the city and this new life I've started. It's time to really get this thing going and take it to the next level. I'm going to do it and make it happen. Mark my words. I did miss the city though while I was at home. It was nice to be home and everything - all that comforting surroundings and family/friends make you feel relaxed and OK with everything. I realized I had to really get back to business. Sorry I wasn't better able to keep in touch while I was at home. I was busy and didn't readily have access to a computer. Well i did but I just was doing "homey" type things and I figured you'd understand. Plus this blog was created for the NYC purposes and not so much other stuff. Although it has spiraled into all different kinds of things, basically whatever I'm thinking about at the time. I miss talking to you from MY computer. I'm sorry, I need to stop. It's true though, I had a lot more artistic freedom and freedom in general to peruse jobs and network and do all that kind of stuff. But to the future....

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve!! What are you doing? Me? I'm working. Hey it's good money so I couldn't refuse. Plus NYE never really lives up to what it's expected to be so I'd rather just stay sober and earn a solid buck and watch other people getting wasted. I don't know how but I was really hungover on sunday and had a hard time existing for most of the day. Musta been the Jim beam. Damn you Jim!! I was looking through college pics the other night and it was fun. I hadn't really looked at many since I graduated and haven't really thought about it too much either. I had some really good times with a lot of really good people that I barely talk to anymore. There needs to be some type of weekend to be organized where we can all get together and spend some time. You know it just takes that one person to make the suggestion/plans and reach out to people. I find myself being this person. I often find myself being ht eperson to do a lot of buy toilet paper for the apartment. Hahaha. Whatevz. what else is new? I feel like I need to pack it all in now because I don't know when I'll get to talk to you again. I was thinking about maybe looking up some type of computer whiz kid who might be able to fix my old hard-drive and then I could go back to normal and probably relatively cheaply compared to a new computer or something. I'll have to look into it. If I could find him anywhere it'd be here in NYC. I can't help but thank everyone in my family for everything they've done for me as well as x-mas presents and being there for me and everything. Annnnnd I almost forgot to tell you the biggest news of all - MY SISTER SARAH IS ENGAGED!!!!! yes his name is Pete as well; yes it kinda sucks but I don't really have a choice do I? Anyway I'm very excited for her and Pete and this is a whole new thing for our family so it's exciting times. I'm very happy for them!

I'm still just doing my own thing, not seeing anyone. Not that I really have the time or money to do it anyway. Well I may have the time but I shouldn't. and I won't for long! My room is still real pimped out and I got all kinds of little things that add some homey feels to it. I got this yankee candle plug in thing with one of my fav flavors and I put it in about a few hours ago and I can smell it and it smells good. I got a record player from Rich, which is another thing that I can't get working! haha, poop on me. No I think it's because I need an analog input and my receiver doesn't have any. I wonder if there is some kind of adapter that you can get that will fix that problem? Probably. I'll look into it. Tomorrow I start my shift at 7:30pm and finish at maybe 3:30 or 4:30ish. I guess it depends on how hardy the party goes!!

I should probably get going. It's quarter of eleven and it's been a long day. I'm looking forward to sleeping in MY bed tonight! I've spent the last over a week sleeping on air matresses/couches/and a bed that is too small for me! It's going to be sweet. I went up on the roof tonight after it was dark and checked out the view. It's still awesome. I was on Sue's roof while I was down in Baltimore and Sue i'm sorry to say my view is better than yours :P

OK I'll ttys. And try to be a bit more artistic and introspective or interesting or something??? Whatever it is that you like. What do you like? What's your name anyway??

ok bye.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I have so much to tell you but right now I'm soooo excited bc I'm at
Sue's house in Md and she has the whole HDTv thing and Wilco is doing
Sky Blue Sky on Austin City Limits!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


What's the use of the quotes????

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finished some Xmas shopping!

A White NYC

I know I know, all of my posts as of late are just little rinky-dink ones or just pictures. I still don't have a working computer so I can't really do that very often. I try to do as much as I can on my iphone. Right now I'm using Gordon's macbook to do some stuff and I figured while I'm on here I can sneak on and talk to you for a bit. It's like when I was younger and used to have to come up with excuses or something to get on the computer to talk to people. Anywayz, how are you? I've missed you. We haven't really been bonding and it hurts a little bit. But I'm doing pretty well considering. Greg was up for the last few days and that was fun. We got around the city pretty well; I thought we did a lot but now that I'm thinking back on it...there's a bunch of things I wanted to do that didnt actually happen. Oh well, htere's too much to do in this city in only a few days. I guess it warrants another trip?? Wednesday night was the Oasis/Ryan Adams show - it was good. A little dissapointed with the DRA portion but I completely understand why. They are opening and they don't have much time to be changing instruments and talking and jamming out the songs. It was just wam-bam thank you maam so it was all electric guitars and not much other instrumentation infused into the set. Soooo I guess that juts means I'll have to catch them at one of the smaller theatres that they always play at that seem to pop up from time to time here in the city because they live here....

What else has been happening lately.....well you still don't have a name yet. I'll call you Elizabeth for now because that is Elizabeth Banks first name and I like her. So I've been working as many shifts as I can with Cipriani. It's going well; I'm starting to feel comfortable and just doing it man. I picked up New Year's Eve so the money isn't greeaaaat but you know it's better than normal and frankly I need all the money I can get right now. So, that is why Elizabeth. I've been wearing some old soccer shorts and this long sleeve A&F shirt I have (that my sister sarah got me wayy back in hs) and it's been extremely comfortable and enjoyable. I would take a pic and show you but I'd have to finagle all of that whilst using gordon's macbook and if you don't remember  its real annoying and never works out right and I'd just get frustrated and i'm feeling pretty good right now. I have a cup of decent coffee here, it's not the world's best, but it's adequate.

What I'm supposed to be doing, and I did already do most of it, is gathering ideas for my last minute x-mas shopping to be done. I'm going to try and bang it all out today (thats what she said). I only have a couple more things to look up. Then I gotta catch a subway over to the city and shop till I drop. or just quit. I'm heading home sometime tomorrow. I can't believe I've made it through this far into the post without telling you about this Beth!! Sooooo a couple of days ago I was just sitting around the apt like I always do and gordon walks in with a package for me. It was marked J. Mitchell as the return address and I hadn't gotten anything from Joni Mitchell in a longgg time so I figured it wasn't her. I was thoroughly confused so I opened it up and it was lavender pouches. They smelled good and stuff. There was a little note written by a kid that said "Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy your lavender pouches. Love me :)" annnnnd then I was even more confused but in the back of my head I had an idea, it was a very farfetched idea but an idea nonetheless. I decided to call my cousin who lives in Cali and he asked if I cut open any of the pouches and as soon as he said that I knew what was about to unfold right there in my living room. I opened up one of the pouches and there in a big pile of rice was a gigantoid nug of really good california bud vacuumed sealed and glistening like a diamond under the x-mas lights and recessed lighting. It was glorious. Annnnnd then I opened up one of the other pouches and there was even more!!!! It was redonk. And awesome. And there's a lot and it's really good. Isn't that neat Elizabeth?

The Fab Faux are playing at Terminal 5 the day after x-mas and the day after the day after x-mas. The first show is Let it Be and Abbey Road and the 2nd is The White Album. I wanted to get tickets for my dad for xmas but I knew that it'd be tough getting all the way up to the city the day after xmas and stuff. There's usually too much going on and I know he's a homebody. It would have been neat though, the tickets were decently priced and I've always wanted to see that venue. They'll always be more in the future. Well I should really get back to the task at hand because the next thing I know it's going to be getting dark and I will have only barely accomplished any shopping and that can't happen. I love Radiohead. If you don't listen to them you should. I suggest listening to or starting with The Bends and listening straight through the next few albums. So it goes: The Bends, OK Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac. Those 4 will blow your mind.

ok I gotta shower and head over to the city.


you look lovely today :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh god

I left the apartment today for work early this afternoon hearing my
roomates playing music and singing real loud which bleeds into my room
and now that I'm finally home from a long shift they're still playing
and it's still bleeding into my room!!! Ahhhhhh!!! I just want to not
have to hear it for awhile. I usually put headphones on but I want to
watch a movie. How about the ones that I got from netflix that I
haven't been able to watch bc Gordon left them at someone elses place
a few days ago and still don't have them!! Sorry I'm complaining. I
wish I was talking to you from my computer bc I can say more and
quicker. I feel like we haven't bonded in awhile. I'm sorry for that.

Sent from my iPhone

It's Snowing!

Our first snow of the season in NYC!

At work...

The cafe

A beautiful piece for behind the bed!

Up & Away

Up for you, I'd give it all
Cause when I'm thinking of you
When I'm flying above the world
How I wish I was drowning in you
I must admit
that I'm oh so in love you know
Please don't ever let me go
You've done nothing to me
but up, up and away

Updatez via email from phone

Hello. I still haven't been able to fix my computer. My dad sent the
disks but it's not cooperating enough to use them yet. I've been doing
catering jobs and I have one tonight too. Greg comes in tomorrow and
I'm über excited!! My awesome sisters got me the cafe van gogh in a
really neat frame as a apt warming present, I love it. More and more
every day...thank you :)

I'm gonna run out of room soon probably so I should stop for now. Bye.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Break fast

> I made an avocado and onion omellete for breakfast today with a
> shmeared bagel and it was delicious

Break fast

Opposite of yesterday

So I have my first night banquet serving tonight at the 42nd St venue
and then I'm working a double tomorrow! I'll be busy for the next few
days and then Saturday is wine n cheese which looks like is a go for
me. Yes!! Finally some work and I'll be putting in a bunch of hours
between tonight and the double tomorrow! I'm nervous though...

It should be fine. It's good timing bc yesterday was sooo boring! And
I need moneys. So wish me luck. Bye.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I had to split that post by email into separates bc it was too long

> Ever since the computer went bonkers I've had only the songs on my
> iPhone to keep me company. You have no idea the process of writing
> out this whole post by email on here! The funny thing is I have no
> plans of stopping because i'm listening to my most favorite music,
> I'm on my comfy bed, I'm drowning out Gordon and Drew playing music,
> and I get to talk to you. You are currently nameless though. It'd be
> nice to talk to you by your first name but I don't know it yet.
> Avalon? Nah.... Autumn? Probably not. You're definitely a girl
> though. Do you have any thoughts?
> Anyway, here I am. Beach Boys are playing right now..2nd song on Pet
> Sounds: you still believe in me. Now Nick Drake came on: Man in a
> Shed...such beauty, have you listened to him yet? I would love to
> get his 3 albums on vinyl. Did I tell you Rich is giving me his
> record player? He's getting a new one for Xmas so I get the old one,
> cool with me! You'll find that sheds are nicer than you thought.
> It's 11 right now and I ain't tired at all...Oh Darling! just came on.
> Andrew Bird is putting out a new album in January, I'm a cited for
> that. This Saturday is the 4th annual Wine & Cheese party! Am I
> going? I'm not sure yet...I gotta see if I have to work or not.
> How's work going? Idk they haven't called me yet about events. WTF
> is right Autumn! See it doesn't work. But still I called in last
> night in the middle of the night to give them my schedule, which I
> said is completely open. So we'll see...I'd like to be there...I
> haven't missed one's like tradition and you certaintly
> don't mess with family or tradition!! You know what other album I'd
> like on vinyl Avalon? Sky Blue Sky by Wilco. I'm pretty obsessed
> with it. Side with the Seeds was the last song on. Now Saturday Sun
> is on which is a Nick Drake song, it's a pretty one led by piano. I
> just got a notification that my battery is dieing, probably because
> I've spent so much time with the email open which uses Internet flow
> and a lot of data usage. So I should probably go for now. Peter,
> Bjorn, & John just came on..first real song on the writers block
> album, technically track two. Look it up and listen to it. Analyze
> the lyrics... "just because something starts differently doesn't
> mean it's worth less" not just them but the whole song. I am more
> me. OK bye.

Hey You

I must tell you today has been the most boring day in a long time. I
think it's a lot like that movie A Perfect Storm. It was rainy, I had
no where to really go anyway, and then I was inside with a broken
computer and a funky MacBook. I'm not complaining though I'm just
letting you know. Anyway right now I'm doing this post by email on my
phone. I'm laying on my bed listening to the iPod on this here phone.
I just created my first on-the-go's a solid mix of a
bunch of songs that when they do come on when I have the whole thing
on random I always keep on. I'm sure you know me pretty well by now
you can guess some of them. This is my view of the world right now...


     Ever Cough
When You Are
          Q-tipping Your
Especially                                 the
                    Right one

Keep it real yo

Funny xmas card I saw at Urban Outfitters...

Me posting my post


> That's me writing that last post..see that funky bag thing in the
> lower right? That's ma bow-tie

Well here we are again - another misty overcast day in NYC. Except that it's 60 something degrees out there! I still haven't fixed my computer so I'm using Gordon's macbook again. I seemed to have gotten the worst of the virus....or maybe it's because I don't have techy friends/coworkers around to fix it for me. Oh well...once I get the package in the mail I should be able to fix it myself. I'll be starting with a clean slate - the only thing I need is my music. Everything else is pretty much expendable. I've been meaning to do it for awhile now, I've had the computer for over 5 years so a lot of stuff builds up over the years. Why am I telling yoiu this you don't care you just want me to be able to talk to you on a more regular basis from home base. Wow I just sneezed like 6 times in a row and my eyes and nose are watering now. I applied to Trader Joe's on Monday and should be hearing back in a few days. Last night I called in my schedule for the banquet serving so hopefully I'll freaking hear back about events this week. It's frustrating. Seems unreliable. It'd be nice to have a steady gig for now at the joes and a discount on groceries wha? You get health insurance and stuff too (yea mom woot!). I heard the roosters earlier this morning and I couldn't help but think about that seinfeld episode when george's parents are eating dinner with susan's parents for the first time. Lemme see if I can find that clip on youtube, hold on... Yes! I found it - something's missin alright... yo watch this:

This one is a shout out to Gerry who doesn't read this but we kept singing this song on Saturday and one of
the leading clips from the other videos was this one!:

I hate the formatting on this laptop of trying to get these things to work, it makes it 5 times harder to write these
things and add videos, I miss MY computer!!

I never know how it's going to come out in the actual post and it actually posts it.

I think I have a bunch of different fonts but the stupid thing keeps messing up.

anyway, I probably was giong to keep chatting with ya but I'm getting frustrated. I'm going to go find something constructive to do and maybe go to the moma to see the Van Gogh exhibit that is happening right now. Probably not though because I'd feel guilty. I need a shower so I'm going to go wash myself. Bye.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Heading to Circuit City

To possibly fix my computer virus problem :( I frown

Monday, December 8, 2008


The 'ol Screwgy

You know what's funny? Just as everything got fixed in our apartment and I was having a blogging epiphany (in the last post) I get a virus on my computer and thus have no way of reaching the internet on a regular basis. Blast!! I'm on Gordon's laptop right now; I go to Starbucks to hang out and use his laptop over in the city and now you have to pay to get the internet in there. I guess buying a cup of coffee isn't worth the price of admission anymore. It's stupid. So I usually end up coming back here and using the wifi we have in our apt., cuz we do. Don't even need to go california way for some internet. It's called the "koobface" virus, so if you want to help me out and look up how to beat him - please help. Anyway, I had a good time this weekend with family and friends and it's always nice to spend time with them. I appreciate it a lot more now that I'm a little older and wiser, wha? I handed in an application today at the Trader Joe's in Union Square; I was talking with the one manager about it....he was asking me some ?'s, it was like a little mini interview. He said each week they go through applications and then pick some out that they want to bring in for real interview. He told me that I will probably most definitely be getting a call later this week about coming in. I hope so! I can totally see myself working there and talking with him a little bit about the positives of being a member there, it seems like a good organizational fit. I think it should be good. If I can work days there and pick up some nights catering that'd be pretty ideal right now. That's what I'm thinking about right now, that that is my best option for the moment. I had interesting coversation with some people on Saturday night; it made me think about what I really wnat to do. I keep telling myself that I want to work in an agency here in the I? Or is it just because I was a marketing major and that in my mind an advertising agency dude is what I picture myself as? Do I really want to do that? Well then what do I really wnat to do? Well if you want to own your own brewing company then you should probably start to learn how to make beer!! Or go work at a brewery and pick up the craft. You know? Idk man, there's so many different options; I have the world ahead of me and so many roads that it's hard to think about all of them because you get overwhelmed. It's kind of like when you start to think about how many restaurants there are in New York City or people and then you start to get freaked out because you are no one special compared to the 8 million other people who live here. See, that's why shouldn't think that way. But still, I don't know EXACTLY what is in store for me and what I want to do. All I know is that I am where I want to be and whatever it is that I do that keeps a roof over my head and food in ma belly isn't or doesn't have to be decided right now. I'm just glad I am where I am and that I have everything in front of me and a supportive family. I heart music. Guess what, Rich is giving me his vinyl player after x-mas because he's getting a new one. So now I can have a permanent record player in the apartment!! I'm real excited because I have all these, well not all these but hopefully getting some more soon!!, records that can be played in vinyl because it sounds so much better than any other format and then I can play it through my 5.1 and it'd be sweet. I might go see a movie tonight with Rich because he gets these free movie passes so, it'd be free. I don't go to the movies much so I say hey, why not? It's cold out today, I think it was 25 when I was walking around this afternoon; of course I shaved this morning so I didn't have any type of facial coverage. It wasn't too bad though. I don't mind the cold most of the time; as long as I have a hat, scarf, and gloves. Now that the heat is fixed it feels good in this apartment; just warm enough where you can hang out without a constant sweat and to be honest I don't think we've been really using the heat out of our vents all that much because we get it from the apartments below.

I can't believe
It's already December 8th.

Speaking of today
do you know what today is?

Today is the 28th anniversary of John Lennon's death.

I love you John

Thursday, December 4, 2008


You know I took a bit of a break from Ryan Adams. I stopped reading his blog, and didn't really consciously stop listening to his music but I didn't really put it on as much as I did before, or specifically put him on unless it came up while on random. I didn't do this on purpose but idk it just seemed like when I moved to NYC where he is I just kind of started doing my own thing. BUT I have spent the last bit of time reading his blog and I got through a handful of pages and they were only for the last day or two!! But I really enjoyed reading it (again, I remember why I used to read it incessantly). I think it also might have changed my view on what a blog really is, or can be. Although we are very different people in different situations but is it really that different? As I was reading through it and looking at pictures I also put on my fav album of his, Love Is Hell, and have been enjoying it tremendously. It's like a rediscoveryawakening of soemthing that used to move you and take you places in your head and emotionally that you are like wow, I remember why this is one of my favorite albums. I wish I had a better camera to take pictures for you my bloggy blog other than my camera, I miss being artistic in my photo taking and quality laden. Apparently Ryan is the new intern at Blackbook. Have you heard of Blackbook? I haven't, this isthe first time:

you know I thought of a good job for myself. That guy who decides what songs will go into a movie and where it fits in the best.

That'd be so sweet.

I still have heartburn.

"My blue Manhattan...

Mmm she angry like a child but how sweet
fire and rain on the streets
it's you against me most days
it's me against you darling
the snows coming down on the cars in midtown
stone colden sheets with you all over me
aint that sweet my lil gal, ain't that sweet my lil gal
My blue Manhattan
Mmm she cusses with her sailors mouth
and fire and rain on the streets
it's you against me most days
it'sme against you darling
Making snow angels in the gravel in the dirt
Crawling like a spider and i'm somewhere inside her
too hurt to move
too hurt to move

...My blue Manhattan"

This album is sooo good. He wears funky socks. I saw a huge stack of different coloured socks at urban outfitters the other day and wondered if that's where dra gets his socks

"if the walls in the room could talk I wondered to myself would lie?
it's like some kind of jail beams of light
fall through curtains onto the bed
i'm all alone now i can do as i please
I don't feel like doing much of anything
true love ain't that hard to find
not that you would ever know
would you lay here for awhile?
please do not let me go
please do not let me go"

you know he said something in his blog that i thought was pretty interresting.


true love is sometimes like waiting for this thing to walk into the room


i wait


looking back it's really not as interesting as I was just thinking it was....i guess at the time I found it somewhat profound plus who doesnt like to see unicorns? We all like to believe that these things are real. Life would be really boring if we didn't have things to believe in; or things that YOU haven't necessarily have seen but could exist somewhere. idk, i'm waxing philosophically right now as i drink water, listen to ryan adams, and well thats about it. You know sometimes I just sit here I should just get the fuck out of my apt. and go see something cool. Like go to battery park and look out at the NY bay or one of the bridges or something? But no I sit here and wallow or something, not really wallow, but talk to you and wiat for something to happen. Maybe that's the problem?

Waiting for other things to happen
when you should make things happen for yourself

hells yea. strung out like some christmas lights out there in the chelsea night strung out like some christmas lights out there in the chelsea night. Good song - hotel chelsea nights.


At this moment in time right now and for the past couple hours I am extremely bored. I can't say the same about Monday or Tuesday, or even yesterday, but as of today, yes. I thought I would have started working tonight but I haven't received a call yet from the booking agent about what nights I'm scheduled for. I talked to the personnel manager and I am all squared away, they got my message about my schedule and I should be getting a call like tomorrow about nights I work. Now I know for next Wednesday to call really early to get first dibs on bookings.

Anyway enough about that, I'm still real bored though. Although I'd like to get into my blog history that as of today, December 4th 2008 - everything in our apartment is currently working. They finally fixed the heat situation yesterday and have a new controller on the wall, our stove works (not the greatest but works nonetheless), we have hot water, the dishwasher works, AND get this: all of my roomates went grocery shopping this week so we have food in the house, almost as much as a normal house would have, almost. There's stuff in the fridges, cabinets, freezer, it's freaking greeeaat. We are initiating the "list rule" for groceries; keeping a list on the refrigerator with things we need and to keep dibs on who got what/etc. Oh I told you I'd show you a pic of the x-mas decs I put lemme go take 'em and I'll be right back... alright well they didn't come out as well as I'd like but you get the idea (it's looks a lot better in person!). I just threw some lights around my mirror above my desk...

On my screen is the blogging dialogue that I was writing when I stopped to take the pictures - I told you I was going to go take 'em right then. My phone makes the lights look way harsher than they actually know what x-mas lights look like? I'm Ron Bergundy?

This is the main wall in the living room, the strands were not as long as I had hoped so I had to rethink what I was going to do and I just did came out pretty well...

It's like a John Lennon shrine, once again John is comparing himself to Jesus Christ!!

After that I threw some more x-mas lights around the door frames, if you like between the two doors you can see the new temp. controller on the wall. They had to bring the wire from the basement up to our 4th floor apt., through my window, around my room, and then drill a hole in the wall by my door, whatevz as long as it works...

How many people read this thing? I'm always kinda curious, probably not many people. Only a couple people ever write comments on the postings so I'm not sure....i'm up to 5 followers but that doesn't really mean they read it!! Haha, I love music. I find when I go out at night into the city lights and streets that I am usually headed to some type of concert/open mic/something involving music. I usually have headphones in my ears too, although I think I left mine at home and I keep forgetting to ask my parents to check and bring them on Saturday; hey mom can you check to see if my white headphones are around the house? I went to see Dr. Dog with Rich on Tuesday night, really good show man. They are a young band just starting to get popular and they just put out an amazing new record so they are on the up-and-up and I think they know it. They had a lot of energy on stage and played great. I didn't like the mix though; the bass was overpowering and the vocals were too low. When they were prepping the stage for them these guys just kept bringing out all these potted plants till the whole stage was a jungle!! LOL, look it:

I posted a video a bit back of Dr. Dog - did you watch it?
Probably not, why don't you watch the videos I post?
I don't post rubbish!!

I think one of my favorite parts about this blog is that it's mine. I can do/say whatever I want. Express things that you might not be able to do in any other way....have you thought about that? It's like a new form of communication where you can share things instantlyl over this thing called the internet. All you have to do is tune in. I remember when I first heard about "blogging" and it was just some dumb thing or phase of the new thing to do. I never foresaw myself doing it. I'm wearing a Beatle's shirt right now that I've had since 6th grade. It's all faded and warn in, some holes, some fraying at the edges. I love it, it's like your own vintage t-shirt that took you 12 years in the making. Annnnnd it still fits; it's the little things in life that make me happy. Like last night when I finally got home after all these subway problems I went up on the roof and actually was able to see some stars in the sky....that doesn't happen too too often here in the city. I was messing with new widgets and gadgets for this blog. So far I added those two ---->
The quote of the day and to be able to add yourself to be notified of postings. There are other ones but some are just lame. I have heartburn right now and I'm not sure why. I had a turkey/cheese sandwich with avocado; whatup with that? Have you listened to the She & Him album yet?

Well I guess that's all I've got in me right now. I'm not sure what to do now, maybe I should go into the city and go get a new book at the Strand or something? IDK - maybe some pepcid. bye.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over it's back to takin' care of business in NYC. I had a great time over the break with my family and friends. Some highlights was going out with my dad on his birthday and seeing my old friend Brad while I was there, getting together with Greg in Lancaster and peeing all over the place, and Peddler's Village my last night in town. I laughed a lot over the past week and that's ALWAYS a good thing! I made it back into town (home) haha, that's funny, I made it home to new york city, wha? I got my x-mas decorations up and it's looks pretty sick. I was just looking through my phone and I didn't take any pics of it yet, I will later tonight and post it on my next one. I do have some pics from over the break and stuff that I'd like to share with you:

Here is my sister's crazy ass cat - she's just waiting to give me her classic left hook

How does this guy keep his pants up?

A glimpse of Peddler's Village

A 5lb chocolate bar? holy crap.

I saw that hershey's bar at Walgreen's today while I was picking up an iron, some tweezers, a tide-to-go stain remover stick (for spot cleaning my tuxedo), and a case you really cared what I bought today. I did that after I took care of some things and did my good deed of the day. This morning I met up with my grandmother and my uncle's slow-witted brother; I was going into the situation with hesitance but it turned out to be a great success. I met them fine and was right there when they got off the bus and we checked out a few sitse they wanted to go to and grabbed some lunch, droppped 'em off at the show and botta-bing. Then I swiped a homeless guy into the subway b/c he couldn't afford a ride so I freakni' did 2 good things today. Annnnnd tonite is the Dr. Dog show at Webster Hall so i'm pretty e-sited about that too. I've been listening to the She & Him album a lot lately, it's the one with Zooey Deschanel and M Ward; I posted about Zooey about a month ago and showed a pic of her.

It's a tropical rainforest in our apartment - we haven't been able to control our heat so it's just been pouring out for a long time now. We are reaching a breaking point with it and are really going to do something about it if it doesn't get fixed NOW. Oh and guess what? There were some mexicans fixing the stove yesterday for a few hours, they finally fixed it and then a few minutes aftter they left it stopped working again!!! WTF!?!? This shit needs to end right NOWWW - I HATE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS ENTIRE WORLDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I got it

Yea today was the last day of the Cipriani training and it was much easier than Friday. I got a 95% on the test, it was really easy though, so all I need to do is pick up the necessary uniform pieces I need, go pick up my signature Cipriani tuxedo jacket, and start booking some events to work at. It's a good feeling and it's going to be a good opportunity to network around and make some cash at the same time. These venues are sick!! I've been to two of 'em (42nd st. and Wall St.) both were huge. Here is a pic of 42nd st...

This is one I snapped today at Wall St.., don't mind that girl she got in my way...

Anyway - that's that. It's been frustrating around the apartment the last few days because there's been all these problems. 2 out of the 4 are fixed by me via instructions over the phone with pops. But apparently guys were working on the stove today, I wasn't here all day so I don't know what they did, but they weren't able to figure out what is wrong or how to fix it. Knowing these guys they probably didn't really look into it all that much and then never bothered to come back up to tell us anything. OH and we have heat pouring out of our vents that we can't control!! Our thermostat is set to have the heat off and so it shouldn't be letting anything out - It's ..hold on lemme go check the thermostat: 82º in here!!! I have my windows open because it's so hot. How stupid is that!? Whatevz. I haven't been home in awhile so that should be some R&R, see some fam, some old sites, some old friends, my old hang out. I look forward.

Ummm i've been leaivng you out of the loop a lot lately, I haven't been in the blogging mindset or something. I don't know. I guess I've just been so preoccupied with all the things going on - OH and because my computer has been acting funny the last few days on top of everything else!! You know what sucks about this heat pouring out? There's a big vent right next to the I have to paint the picture for you? You know how much it sucks to take a dump when you are all sweaty? Well that's how it is when you go in there and then it just gets worse as you sit there because you have a bunch of hot air blowing all over your knees down to your feet! Yea I know, tell me about it. I've missed cooking, there's been a few things I wanted to make these last few days and nope. We were actually going to make an apt. meal together or something, atleast there was talk of it, i'm not sure if it would have actually happened or not, but it's a step.

What else... did you watch the dramatic reading of a breakup letter? It was just in the last post, I suggest if you didn't take about 2.5 minutes to watch it, it's right there... \/

I beat my high score in Tetris again today, boo ya. I'm freakin getting better and better at that game every day. I crushed my last high score. Hey it's like when that happens I win for the day, it feels good. Right now I'm kinda tired - it feels like a long day. Plus it's just so freaking hot in here!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Apologies...

Hey guys, sorry I've been slacking on the posts. There's been a bunch of stuff going on - maybe not but it seems like it. It's been really cold out lately, my barometer reads 27º right now. Haha I know that it's a thermometer I was just joking around with you, don't be so serious. So I guess you want to know what has been going on. Ummm well I had my first day of training for the banquet server position on Friday - holy shit it's intense. Do you know the fine points of French Serving technique? I do. I'm not going to go into all of what I did right now in this post, maybe in the future. But it's a lot of information and pretty involved. One thing that WILL happen while I work here is that I will be serving to celebrities and stuff. This is high society kinda stuff, huge banquet halls in Manhattan on Wall Street and in midtown. They say there are celebrities at these things all the time. The company is Cipriani, which is pretty world-renowned i'm told. Monday I have another all day training where I have a friggin' test and stuff, hhaa tomorrow I'll be studying and stuff. How funny is that? The greaaat thing about me getting this is that I basically found a way to be trained this French serving technique for free. That is valuable information and experience that will give me the upper hand when it comes to finding something at a restaurant after a while. I remember the one real fancy restaurant I was interviewed for asked me if I know French serving technique and I said no, I don't. Now I will!!! It will told help me land something bank in the future. See? It's a good thing.

So that's that, other than that I'm not sure what else is going on, just hanging out with people and making new friends - applying for jobs online, waiting for the hiring freeze at all the big agencies to stop. I didn't tell you yet because I was waiting to see how thigns went but I met a girl on the subway last weekend when I was on my way back from dropping Brandon off at Penn Station and we've hung out a few times and it's going really well. Her name is Valerie, she plays music and has an amazing voice. I know firsthand now because we went to an open mic tonight and she played some songs and they were great. So that's cool - she's real witty and stuff, so that's cool. It gives me someone to hang out with and spend some time with, you know all that stuff. I took a pic while she was on stage tonight, it's kind of far away because I can't zoom in on the phone but here it is...

There's been all these problems in our building with gas leaks and stuff, so people keep coming into our place to shut off the gas and they put some holes in the dry wall to get to stuff behind the wall and now we don't have gas coming to the range in the kitchen so we can't cook anything!! We do luckily have heat in the apt. and hot water to take showers though. It's just a bummer - oh and they came and patched up the holes too. It's just stupid, there I said it.

Anyway, I was only going to say a few words in this post and then explain everything going on in a further post but as soon as I start typing stuff it just keeps coming and I can't stop. I guess that's not a bad thing though. I'm looking forward to seeing family next week and thanksgiving meal and all that. I haven't had a hot meal in ages, lol jk mom. Oh and I'll get to see some of my clipper friends at Quips!!! Hot damn I miss that place. There are sooo many pubs and bars and things of that nature in NYC, it's redonk.

OK I'm doing it again - I'm out, lataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to Reality

I guess that is theme right now. This weekend was awesome, lots of fun. I can't really go into the whole thing because I'd go on forever but it was great to see my old friend and bring the group together. I got some good pics from this weekend though! Check 'em out...

The first one reminds me of Gotham City and the second one is very European, that's Brandon and Rich. We were hanging out in Brooklyn Heights at the time, right by the Brooklyn Bridge.

So that's all I'm going to say about the weekend, there were many shananigans, lol. Oh, and we kept quoting this video all weekend, so funny!

As for what's going on with me right now. Now that the visiting weekend is over it's back to reality and the grindstone. I had a 2nd phone interview for this one position and the guy I was supposed to be interviewed by just never called me, he forgot. So I called the office looking for him and after awhile of talking about my education and experience he told me I didn't have the sales experience he needed and that was it. The position as painted to me before was different than what this guy was saying though. It was basically just cold calling for the whole day finding clients to put in these reports. That doesn't sound like much of what I'm looking for. Oh and I didn't get the job at Trestle, but we both saw that coming anyway. On the horizon right now is the catering gig for some $$ coming in and doing the job search.

Everyone I talk to that is in an agency right now says to wait until January when the companies can get into perspective their finances and see how the year went. From there the freeze on hires will be lifted. I believe it, I just don't want to wait that long. Just so you know, I don't regret my decision. It's tough right now, but it's better I made the decision and moved than getting stuck in a position or location that is comfortable but not what you're looking for. Good things will come!! I just gotta stick with it, see - I'm staying positive, not letting myself get to a bad state of mind. I'm just going to keep family and friends close and appreciate the support!!

It's real cold heree today. We have real high ceilings in our apartment and I keep picturing a huge x-mas tree. That could happen, I'd have to be the one to make the initiative but it could totally happen. What do you think?

Friday, November 14, 2008

T minus about 7 hours

Till Brandon gets here! I just finished up making some pasta salad, cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, and organized everything (since I seem to be the one to do it!). If you take the last paper towel shouldn't you replace it with a new one? I thought that was the rule but idk...
anyway, it should be a fun weekend. Yesterday was pretty much a complete waste of day, seriously. It was rainy and crappy so I just stayed in and did, well, not much. I applied for a full-time job online and looked around a bit. I watched some Sopranos episodes, the movie Once, and picked up some groceries so that there's some food in the house and some thigns to snack on while Brandon is here! Once again, thank god I do that you know!?

I have a 2nd interview for the inside sales/project manager position at the media company on Tuesday. It's another phone interview though, which means I'm still going to have to come into the office for another f2f interview (if I make it through the 2nd one, ha IF, come on!) so that's that. I went to an interview for a catering gig on Wednesday in midtown; I'm not sure if i'm going to do it or not, it has its ups and downs. After that I walked around for a bit, I actually ran into Rockefeller Center!

On the subway on Wednesday I set a new record on the tetris game I have on my iphone, I was so pumped! I didn't just beat it, I freakin' crushed it!!! So last night when I was uber bored I was laying on the couch in the living room playing tetris and being bored... this was my view of the world at that time...

and my face... lol

I haven't heard anything from Trestle yet, maybe I should call Mom.

My celebrity crush right now is Elizabeth Banks

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The life of a tortured soul with beautiful music and happiness before the darkness crept in...

I just finished reading Nick Drake's biography. Wow, I am in such a strange mood right now. I've been reading it over the past 2-3 weeks and usually read a chapter or so every night. Tonight finally marks the end of the book. I could sense it coming near and man, it really put me in a funny place. It'd probably be different if it was the afternoon and the sun was shining and I was in other's company, or maybe alone, I don't know. But it's not, it's 11:55pm and I'm in my room with the lights out and a few candles going as I play his final album, Pink Moon, which is so bleak but beautiful at the same time. I was just googling through some images of him (because as I read there are so few of him in existence) and I pretty much read about each photo session so I was curious which correspond to them. For his last photo session he was so depressed that he couldn't even look into the camera; it was about 1 hour's worth of a photo session in which the photographer, a friend of his, tried to capture what he could with what he had. He was even surprised that Nick even called him up or was even able to speak or mutter some type of communication. Well I came across the one that I had read about where the one person who was with them had a dog that was with them during the session. They brought him because of the inherent qualities that a fun-loving dog can bring out of anyone, especially a tortured depressed soul such as Nick Drakes. They say he took quite kind to that dog, and although he spoke no words or maybe didn't even crack a smile, he connected with that dog. They knew it. And so the photographer said his favorite picture is the one in which shows Nick's back to the camera (because that was usually what he gave, and couldn't get more than a 3/4's shot of him anyway) and the dog running up to him and greeting him in glee of his presence. It's quite striking after you read such a biography as I just did. Here is the photo.

As many of you know, I'm quite fond of his work. I don't know if you are or not, but if you haven't given his music a chance, you should. He led a good life for awhile, attending Marlborough as a high schooler enjoying the sporting life of a rugby player and a fascination with music. He was popular, the girls liked him because he was attractive but mystic in his presence because he didn't talk much, and everyone says he was very aware of his presence as a mysterious person. At first he took quite of himself as being the one who was slightly mysterious, tall, good-looking, and quite a catch. But there was darkness that lept beneath, a sensitive soul that had much potential but was unable or unwilling to give all that it took to make it in the music business which eventually led to "the darkness creeping around him" as they described it in the book. It's a shame but I guess things work themselves out as they do. You know? Some people have thin skin and with a slightly withdrawn personality, if things don't go your way, it can lead to disastrous things.

I guess it's somewhat of a life lesson. The only thing we are blessed with is the music that he did produce. Those three albums that i adore so much. He spoke in his music because he sure as hell didn't do it in real life. Everyone around him said, at least in the last 4-5 years of his life he barely spoke aloud, if nothing more than a mumble or a grunt. It's hard to imagine isn't it? I guess in the early 70's there wasn't much research done on depression, how to treat it, and a valid prescription for anti-depressants was issued like gum drops. I don't know, his music is beautiful.

You know what's amazing? I read that the last few months of his life showed almost a promise of his recovery from the darkness, his family and those who saw him around the end said he was becoming a bit brighter, possibly writing new material for an album and actually getting in touch with folks at Island records to record a new album. The last song on his last album is called "From The Morning" which is a beautiful almost beautiful song. check it out...

I don't know. I've always had a fascination with him and his music. He's been one of my favorites for awhile and I'm not sure how feel about now knowing the full story of his tragic life. I guess it doesn't have to be totally tragic, he made some amazing music that didn't get fully appreciated until posthumous. I guess it's like Van Gogh? I'm glad I read about his life because I got to learn about how outgoing and personal he was when he was younger. There were lots of qualities that, I don't know, I was going to say you can appreciate, but as I was trying to finish that sentence all I could think about was that correspond to a person like me. But, where one person takes to himself and goes inward, the other looks to those around him and moves forward. And that is where we all have to make the decisions which are best for us. I think for himself he knew what he was, what he wasn't (a rock 'n roll star, for reasons I don't need to go into), and between those two things it led to his demise.

The long and short of what I just totally rambled about is that his music is beautiful and if you haven't listened to it then you should. You get Pete's recommendation and if anyone knows me at all you should already know that I am a huge fan of his.

If you want to hear my favorite song of his, this is it but this is an outtake of it, it's stripped down from the version that is on Fives Leaves Left...

My second favorite song of his comes from his 3rd and last album...

The 2nd book that they show in that video is the one I read, the yellow cover written by Patrick Humphries.

OK enough of me about Nick.

I've got my re-interview tomorrow at 11:30am.


Monday, November 10, 2008


OK to give you a visual of me at this second in my life. I just made a cup of iced coffee using a french press, I picked up some groceries at Whole Foods so I finally have coffee creamer. I usually go for the coffeemate but i haven't seen that around so I got Silk french vanilla. Soy milk is better for me anyway. I am at my desk with a couple of candles and the overhead lights out and I just put on the Beach Boys Christmas album, bc you know what, I felt like it. I picked up a white button down for Trestle tonight and while I was there I picked up a deal on some nice waffle-knit shirts, check it out, oh I also ran into Simon & Garfunkel. I said to them "wow I love your album bridge over troubled water" and they said, umm we didn't write that one yet

Sunday, November 9, 2008

In the wee small hours...

I've been listening to this album for the past bit of time and am really enjoying it. I've never listened to it before and it's different from the more popular stuff that you always hear of his. This album is more of a concept album and great as an LP. Ava Gardner supposedly had dumped Frank and this is the album that was made shortly after that happened. the first flowering of Sinatra's mature artistic sensibility. Oh, and it's a masterpiece, too. The cover portrait suggests the mood of late-night desolation almost as effectively as the music, with Sinatra in the corner, smoking a solitary cigarette on deserted street illuminated only by the foggy, blue-green glow of lamplight.
yo guess what I fixed the time thing at the bottom so that it now actually reflects the real time of the post. You know who's the man?

His work was so great, I love how he built a platform on top of his station wagon so he could use it as his stage.

Now that's a serious camera, 8x10 view camera..woah. His work was just amazing though. I guess it's a bit, i don't want to call overrated but he's the poster child now for that style and type of photography. I don't care about all that though, I still love him.

"In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration. "

~that is a quote I read and seems to sit well with me right now. I have to agree and I'm trying to get those new experiences and explore new grounds to find what it is out there that I really want to be doing and who to do it with. That man had a lot of wisdom, he had a great sense about himself.

This is my desk area right now as I'm doing this post...

I got my laundry done today! It took longer than I thought so I didn't have a chance to go to the park or go get shoes, I'll do the shoes thing tomorrow morning. I'm kind of excited to do this thing tomorrow night. It'll be weird and awkward because I'll be fumbling around not really knowing what to do. But it's a nice Manhattan restaurant so it'll be pretty cool. It's a Monday so it won't be crazy busy. I just hope I get the position!!!

That's all I've got for now, bye forrest bye bubba.