Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Meadowlands!!

Who? yes

I'm going to see The Who tonight. Who? Yes. My buddy Cory that i'm friends with from Millersville lives in Hoboken and was given two tickets, fo' free. That's what I'm talkin' about...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Interesting day...

It was indeed. I slept in, because, well, it's not like I have anywhere to be right!? Lol, oh god. Nah but I had that meeting today at 3 with O'hare and associates. I met with Marjory and she ripped me a new asshole. It was all in good nature though. It's hard to think of ripping a new asshole in good nature but it'll benefit me in the future, hopefully the soon future. She basically just gave incredible constructive criticism on my resume, my knowledge of what each position is responsible for, and what type of position my background and experience should lead me to. it was good. I heard she was tough and it's true, but I also heard that she's effective too so that's why it's all for the benefit of myself. Anyway, it was real cold and rainy and gross here today, this is me after I made it back from getting my asshole ripped into two:

I love the pea coat my mom got for me, very warm.

Later on I met with Gordon in Soho at some Halloween type thing going on at a bar. There was a theater type show thing going on and randomly shoved in the middle of it Gordon was going to place a song. So I went to check it out. This is the bar...

It was all decked out in halloweenish gooly things, I walked in and some woman was screaming at probably the top of her lungs, pretty high atleast. Kind of a creepish way to be welcomed but it's all in the spirit of things. This is Gordon playing his one song set:

It was pretty cool. I've been listening to this Billy Joel song over and over again since I've gotten home, I'm not sure why, it's a pretty song, and i'm kinda tipsy. this is the song, here's the link, I can't embed it in here so this is the link:

My friend Cori that I know from Millersville lives in Hoboken and works in Manhattan. I talked to him a few months ago and told him that I'm moving to NYC. He sent me a text earlier and invited me to go see The Who tomorrow night, Wednesday. The ticket is free. I think I might go, it's in Jersey somewhere. We'll see.....

Monday, October 27, 2008

Let's see: Friday, interview with Irving Mill went alright, possibly a back-server position, idk, I gotta go back to interview with the other manager. Haven't heard from them so i'm not sure if i'm going to call back to follow-up or not, we'll see... I was supposed to have a meeting at O'hares today but that got postponed till tomorrow at 4. That should be interesting because i'm not quite sure what's in store but it should be a good opportunity. It's a media planning placement company so they have all kinds of companies and outlets for career opportunities so we'll see...

Saturday was the Fab Faux concert in which they did the whole White Album all the way through which was awesome!! Here I have some pics:

I can't believe I'm going to miss out on Hanson, wtf.

Today I hung out at the Kaffe, a barista house that I was told was amazing for coffee. They grind and brew each cup of coffee per order. I got "Kenya" and it was good. I don't know if I quite have the palette to distinguish between a good cup of coffee and a perfect cup. It was pretty good though. I hung out and used Gordon's laptop to read mediaweek and stuff. Here's the place:

That place is in Tribeca so I started walking up town and stopped in the "Liquor Store" JCrew store which is apparently a one of a kind place, it's an all men's shop and is just a little place that is housed in an older liquor store/bar. It was cool I guess, unique in it's atmosphere, uppity in it's prices (sheeeesh!!). Here's one of the front displays that talks about what a man should know...

I think I knew about well, most of them, lol.

I did some grocery shopping at the Whole Foods in Union Square, that went pretty well. Trader Joe's was nuts, so I stopped in WF real quick, it turned out to not be all that quick because there's peeps everywhere and I didn't know the layout and what to get and what I was doing so I wandered around like an idiot for awhile. I got some good stuffs though.

I TCB today though, and my dad reaaaaaally helped me out today and he knows what he did and I really appreciate it. It was a surprise and I am everly grateful because it helped me put some income towards groceries and other important things. Thank you dad :)

I think i'm going to pause my Netflix till I get a job, I have up to 90 days to pause my account and not get billed and then reactivate it without any consequences or changes or anything.

Ohh speaking of parent helpings my Mom bought me a new winter jacket, a black peacoat from JCrew and pretty awesome, just what I was looking for. There are some other nice things from EB that I got too that are good. I saw some stuff in the EB catalog that I liked that weren't at the outlet, gotta look into the discount situation with that, possible xmas ideas.

alright i'm talking too much, I haven' tposted in a few days and just word vomiting now.

Post again soon.

Since I dont have TV I read more, yes I know how to read, and no dad, it's not just magazines, BOOKS. Marketing books, things to help out my career. Haha, alright TTYL.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lets see, what updates do I have?

There's a few more job prospects in the works. I went to one of those kid's art fairs yesterday and helped out. It looks like a pretty easy gig and easy money. I actually am getting paid for my time yesterday which is cool. Another thing on the job front is that I have an interview tomorrow at Irving Mill, which is a nice restaurant in Union Square area (hopefully I get it because it's a nice place, great location, and i'm running out of moneys). I found this company called O'hares which is a placement company in the media/planning industry, a sector of marketing. I should be going to the office sometime soon to sit down with this woman and discuss some options or something???

I don't know, there's a lot in the works. It's getting really feggin cold here in the city. I went and got some necessary apparel: gloves, hat, scarf. The gloves are cool because the fingers are cut out and then theres a mitten on the back side that can flip around to cover your fingers, which is cool. I'll show you the hat and scarf I got:

It's sooooo boring being unemployed, and stressful when you see bills and shit piling up. While i'm at it, I might as well show you what the living room is looking like now since we got some more key pieces of furniture:

Red book shelf (and we fixed up the corner):

That whole corner, including a TV stand with a TV on it!:

Kitchen cart thing:

btw recent update: I just followed up an e-mail with the woman from the media planning placement company and i'm set to meet her on Monday @ 3!!

Thigns are happening, and i'm not quite totally comfortable here in the city yet but i'm getting there. I understand the subway and know just about what to take to get where. So interview tomorrow at 2:30 at Irving Mill, going home Saturday to see rents and go to the Fab Faux Show. I'm pretty pumped for it, I mean, they're playing the whole white album all the way through!!? Then media planning interview type thing on Monday. Things are shaping up....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I will stand here and burn in my skin...

so some videos surfaced from the Ray show at Radio City and i'm going to post a video. Actually i'm going to post 2 because I can't decide which one was more emotional. They are both older songs, and although I did really enjoy the new material, especially Night Birds (which you should go youtube right now because it's freakin' awesome), these two just hit me when he played them. Most songs during the show were with the whole band, but he did a few by himself and they were just absolutely breathtaking, indescribable. That's why i'm not going to describe them to you and I'll just show you:


All The Wild Horses

" ...All the wild horses
tethered with tears in their eyes
may no man's touch ever tame you
May no man's reigns ever chain you
And may no man's weight ever defray your soul
And as for the clouds, just let them roll away... "
Well I had that meeting yesterday morning. It turned out to be more of a friendly meeting between two people in the same industry; one being a member of one of the largest marketing companies in the world and the other unemployed and floundering in a big city. He had some helpful hints and is really nice because he's going to help me along the way. I keep saying he, he has a name and it's John. john's going to help me with cover letters, companies to look into, etc. So that was cool.

From there I hopped around the city checking out a few restaurants that this other guy, Chris, is helping me out with. He used to live and work in the city so he has lots of connections. The first one is called Trestle on Tenth which is on 24th st. and 10th ave., a good location in Chelsea. I talked with the manager and let her know my connection with Chris and it seems to be a good opportunity!! The other place is called Irving Mill and is located right by union square so that's an even better location. Chris knows the GM there too so that's another name dropper and recommendation. I'm thinking (hoping) that one of the two will come through.

Which is going to prove im-po-tant in the next few weeks because i'm just watching my cash bundle dwindle away.

I spent today doing research on some of the companies that John told me about, one of which is called O'hares, which is a media/marketing placement company. I dropped an e-mail to someone and she's going to set up a meeting for me to come in and chat and possibly find a company for me. I'm not really sure of the process but it looks promising. John came to the city without a job just like me so I trust his judgement on what companies/positions are good for newcomers and entry-level.

It's been getting cold and windy but the autumn season is beautiful. I stopped up at central park yesterday when I was bebopping around and it was really nice. I took a little nap on a big rock that was there and hung out for awhile, it was nice to get away from the hecticness and relax. I actually took a pic while I was there:

Anyway, that's the career front.

Things will start shaping up. I'm in the middle of making split pea soup right now and it's almost done. It came together pretty well. I made roasted butternut squash soup on Saturday I think and that turned out really well too.

I'm not quite feeling completely comfortable in my surroundings but I can see how it will. You know you just get used to it and become part of the flow. I think once I get onto a regular schedule and have places to go and work to be done, it's going to be awesome. Plus it's that time of the season (what's he mean is THAT time of the season? what is that time? yea you know, THAT time) and I think NYC will be very pretty for all of that.

I heard that Halloween is pretty crazy around these woods. (i can vouge for it because there were zombies all over union square on saturday). but apparently there is a huge parade on the 31st in Greenwich Village and all the crazies come out (and who are all of these other people I see every day!?!?), haha, anyway, I was told it's going to be quite nutty. I guess Ryan Adams popped up a show on the 31st at the Apollo theatre wayyyyyy uptown but I guess i'm not going, i'd like to, but I think it's sold out anyway. It's ok, i'm going to see him when he and the band opens for Oasis in December.

gotta go check the soup, byeeeeee.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

current updates

Well I haven't updated this thing in awhile, sorry about that. I've been feeling under the weather since about Monday or Tuesday and it's progressively gotten worse since then. I think I'm at the point now where it's starting on the up and up. It's been kind of a drag because I really want to be out doing stuff but after a few hours it starts to wear me out. Oh well, I guess it's the change of seasons/change of location for me that did it... oh well??

Nick and Debra have been staying with us since Wednesday which has been pretty cool. She's been doing some type of training by day and that has given Nick and I some time to go and explore.

On Monday I am set to meet up with John from Euro RSCG, the marketing company that the dude I traded tickets with works at. I'm excited and hope that something really comes of it because I can't wait to start a new career here in the city and have something to do, something to be proud of and feel important. Right now I feel like a sick sack of shit. So I will keep you updated on what happens...

I got my blinds yesterday. They are great. EXCEPT, the fact that the 2nd window is slightly smaller than the other one and so therefore they don't QUITE fit into the holding brackets. I need to shave off about an 1/8th of an inch off the one side, how the hell am I supposed to do that?? I need to call dad and ask for his advice. I do have the one window's blinds up and they look good, believe me, it just sucks that the other one doesn't quite make it.

Well I promise I will update, *try, to update more often, like I said it's been because nick and deb are here and i'm sick and haven't really felt like it or probably more likely because I haven't been doing all that crazy much cool stuff that I feel like I need to post about!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sooo the Ray show was amazing! Radio City is a really venue in itself, I was pretty in awe of the whole thing. He played a lot of new stuff, I feel like most of the show was stuff from the new album. Which isn't bad because it was all really good, i'm excited for the new album to come out. I think it's on Tuesday!?

The anticipation...

anyway, here's the lobby when I first walked in:

The girl who opened was really good, i'm going to look into her stuff.

This is the stage when the lights popped up after her set, I was like, omg...

Everyone had these cocktails with blue lights in them so Gordon and I just HAD to have one so we could fit in, so I was chillin' scoping out the scene and fitting in as usual...

OVERALL - Greaaat night and first start in the city, I don't think it'll take much or long to become a "city person" or "new yorker" or whatever you want to brand it.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Well that's ma boat....

and this is my desk...

It won't look like this much longer because it's Thursday, and tomorrow is my last day. It's actually happening. For sooo long it was just this thing that was going to happen and it was real easy to think about. Now it's actually happening, right now. It's different. I just have to get used to it. To get my feet on the ground. It freaks me out that I don't necessarily have a job, i've always had a job, since I hobnobbed as that busboy at Cov's. It freaks me out man. BUT it'll work out, it always does, it has to right? I guess if I make sure of it. I will, don't worry.

I want to get a 35mm camera. I don't have the one I used to use and I miss it. I think I will look around for one in one of those used cameras shops or something. It's from the 70's anyway so it should be pretty decently priced and stuff, just gotta make sure it works.

Atleast the Ray show is on Saturday night, i can't wait to see Radio City Music Hall. It should be pretty sick. Anyway, I will let you go but it's been nice chatting. I want to name you blog but im not sure what yet, I need to get to know you first...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

All moved in

Well we did it! We moved all my stuff to the place this past weekend. There were a few shaky points (no trucks in Holland! Sorry dad...) but we managed to get everything up there pretty quickly. A big thank you to my family for all of your help, I really appreciate it. Now you can come visit whenever you want!!
This is the one wall, post decorating, it came out pretty well. I gotta figure out what to do with the others, but I have an idea.
It was a verrrrry strange feeling laying in my bed on Saturday night, looking up and listening to the noises coming from my ginormous windows. I slept well and woke up to the sound of rain painting the city streets and I felt comfortable. The roof view is pretty sick too, especially at night.
It was tough leaving on Sunday but i'm excited to get back and get everything in order. Especially that of figuring out what the hell i'm doing once I get there....
But, Ray show is coming on Saturday night so that's all I can think about, Radio City here we come.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Packing is going OK. You don't realize how much crap you have until you have to put all somewhere. Definitely getting close though, jamming to zep and other things in the itunes playlist and getting things accomplished.

I heart autumn (the season) (not the girl, although i'd like to meet a girl named that).


Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Preperation.. of things to come

First night in the apple and my welcome is to see one of my favorite music artists out there right now. Ray is amazing, and I was lucky enough to have traded Philly tickets with this guy I met on craigslist (which folds into a whole other up-and-coming even with probable further posting). But anyway, i'm real pumped for this show. And to start my new life, wish me luck...

Figuring it out...

Well, I was just google imaging a pic of Neil Young or John Lennon or something to compare their sideburns to what i've got going on and I stumbled upon this pic of John and he looks so somber and as Sam would say, "in it"

First Post!

Well, I'm kind of new at this, so I am curious to see how this comes out.

This is no indication of the boringness of what's to come but merely a trial and error post.

more to come....