Monday, November 24, 2008

I got it

Yea today was the last day of the Cipriani training and it was much easier than Friday. I got a 95% on the test, it was really easy though, so all I need to do is pick up the necessary uniform pieces I need, go pick up my signature Cipriani tuxedo jacket, and start booking some events to work at. It's a good feeling and it's going to be a good opportunity to network around and make some cash at the same time. These venues are sick!! I've been to two of 'em (42nd st. and Wall St.) both were huge. Here is a pic of 42nd st...

This is one I snapped today at Wall St.., don't mind that girl she got in my way...

Anyway - that's that. It's been frustrating around the apartment the last few days because there's been all these problems. 2 out of the 4 are fixed by me via instructions over the phone with pops. But apparently guys were working on the stove today, I wasn't here all day so I don't know what they did, but they weren't able to figure out what is wrong or how to fix it. Knowing these guys they probably didn't really look into it all that much and then never bothered to come back up to tell us anything. OH and we have heat pouring out of our vents that we can't control!! Our thermostat is set to have the heat off and so it shouldn't be letting anything out - It's ..hold on lemme go check the thermostat: 82º in here!!! I have my windows open because it's so hot. How stupid is that!? Whatevz. I haven't been home in awhile so that should be some R&R, see some fam, some old sites, some old friends, my old hang out. I look forward.

Ummm i've been leaivng you out of the loop a lot lately, I haven't been in the blogging mindset or something. I don't know. I guess I've just been so preoccupied with all the things going on - OH and because my computer has been acting funny the last few days on top of everything else!! You know what sucks about this heat pouring out? There's a big vent right next to the I have to paint the picture for you? You know how much it sucks to take a dump when you are all sweaty? Well that's how it is when you go in there and then it just gets worse as you sit there because you have a bunch of hot air blowing all over your knees down to your feet! Yea I know, tell me about it. I've missed cooking, there's been a few things I wanted to make these last few days and nope. We were actually going to make an apt. meal together or something, atleast there was talk of it, i'm not sure if it would have actually happened or not, but it's a step.

What else... did you watch the dramatic reading of a breakup letter? It was just in the last post, I suggest if you didn't take about 2.5 minutes to watch it, it's right there... \/

I beat my high score in Tetris again today, boo ya. I'm freakin getting better and better at that game every day. I crushed my last high score. Hey it's like when that happens I win for the day, it feels good. Right now I'm kinda tired - it feels like a long day. Plus it's just so freaking hot in here!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Apologies...

Hey guys, sorry I've been slacking on the posts. There's been a bunch of stuff going on - maybe not but it seems like it. It's been really cold out lately, my barometer reads 27º right now. Haha I know that it's a thermometer I was just joking around with you, don't be so serious. So I guess you want to know what has been going on. Ummm well I had my first day of training for the banquet server position on Friday - holy shit it's intense. Do you know the fine points of French Serving technique? I do. I'm not going to go into all of what I did right now in this post, maybe in the future. But it's a lot of information and pretty involved. One thing that WILL happen while I work here is that I will be serving to celebrities and stuff. This is high society kinda stuff, huge banquet halls in Manhattan on Wall Street and in midtown. They say there are celebrities at these things all the time. The company is Cipriani, which is pretty world-renowned i'm told. Monday I have another all day training where I have a friggin' test and stuff, hhaa tomorrow I'll be studying and stuff. How funny is that? The greaaat thing about me getting this is that I basically found a way to be trained this French serving technique for free. That is valuable information and experience that will give me the upper hand when it comes to finding something at a restaurant after a while. I remember the one real fancy restaurant I was interviewed for asked me if I know French serving technique and I said no, I don't. Now I will!!! It will told help me land something bank in the future. See? It's a good thing.

So that's that, other than that I'm not sure what else is going on, just hanging out with people and making new friends - applying for jobs online, waiting for the hiring freeze at all the big agencies to stop. I didn't tell you yet because I was waiting to see how thigns went but I met a girl on the subway last weekend when I was on my way back from dropping Brandon off at Penn Station and we've hung out a few times and it's going really well. Her name is Valerie, she plays music and has an amazing voice. I know firsthand now because we went to an open mic tonight and she played some songs and they were great. So that's cool - she's real witty and stuff, so that's cool. It gives me someone to hang out with and spend some time with, you know all that stuff. I took a pic while she was on stage tonight, it's kind of far away because I can't zoom in on the phone but here it is...

There's been all these problems in our building with gas leaks and stuff, so people keep coming into our place to shut off the gas and they put some holes in the dry wall to get to stuff behind the wall and now we don't have gas coming to the range in the kitchen so we can't cook anything!! We do luckily have heat in the apt. and hot water to take showers though. It's just a bummer - oh and they came and patched up the holes too. It's just stupid, there I said it.

Anyway, I was only going to say a few words in this post and then explain everything going on in a further post but as soon as I start typing stuff it just keeps coming and I can't stop. I guess that's not a bad thing though. I'm looking forward to seeing family next week and thanksgiving meal and all that. I haven't had a hot meal in ages, lol jk mom. Oh and I'll get to see some of my clipper friends at Quips!!! Hot damn I miss that place. There are sooo many pubs and bars and things of that nature in NYC, it's redonk.

OK I'm doing it again - I'm out, lataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to Reality

I guess that is theme right now. This weekend was awesome, lots of fun. I can't really go into the whole thing because I'd go on forever but it was great to see my old friend and bring the group together. I got some good pics from this weekend though! Check 'em out...

The first one reminds me of Gotham City and the second one is very European, that's Brandon and Rich. We were hanging out in Brooklyn Heights at the time, right by the Brooklyn Bridge.

So that's all I'm going to say about the weekend, there were many shananigans, lol. Oh, and we kept quoting this video all weekend, so funny!

As for what's going on with me right now. Now that the visiting weekend is over it's back to reality and the grindstone. I had a 2nd phone interview for this one position and the guy I was supposed to be interviewed by just never called me, he forgot. So I called the office looking for him and after awhile of talking about my education and experience he told me I didn't have the sales experience he needed and that was it. The position as painted to me before was different than what this guy was saying though. It was basically just cold calling for the whole day finding clients to put in these reports. That doesn't sound like much of what I'm looking for. Oh and I didn't get the job at Trestle, but we both saw that coming anyway. On the horizon right now is the catering gig for some $$ coming in and doing the job search.

Everyone I talk to that is in an agency right now says to wait until January when the companies can get into perspective their finances and see how the year went. From there the freeze on hires will be lifted. I believe it, I just don't want to wait that long. Just so you know, I don't regret my decision. It's tough right now, but it's better I made the decision and moved than getting stuck in a position or location that is comfortable but not what you're looking for. Good things will come!! I just gotta stick with it, see - I'm staying positive, not letting myself get to a bad state of mind. I'm just going to keep family and friends close and appreciate the support!!

It's real cold heree today. We have real high ceilings in our apartment and I keep picturing a huge x-mas tree. That could happen, I'd have to be the one to make the initiative but it could totally happen. What do you think?

Friday, November 14, 2008

T minus about 7 hours

Till Brandon gets here! I just finished up making some pasta salad, cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, and organized everything (since I seem to be the one to do it!). If you take the last paper towel shouldn't you replace it with a new one? I thought that was the rule but idk...
anyway, it should be a fun weekend. Yesterday was pretty much a complete waste of day, seriously. It was rainy and crappy so I just stayed in and did, well, not much. I applied for a full-time job online and looked around a bit. I watched some Sopranos episodes, the movie Once, and picked up some groceries so that there's some food in the house and some thigns to snack on while Brandon is here! Once again, thank god I do that you know!?

I have a 2nd interview for the inside sales/project manager position at the media company on Tuesday. It's another phone interview though, which means I'm still going to have to come into the office for another f2f interview (if I make it through the 2nd one, ha IF, come on!) so that's that. I went to an interview for a catering gig on Wednesday in midtown; I'm not sure if i'm going to do it or not, it has its ups and downs. After that I walked around for a bit, I actually ran into Rockefeller Center!

On the subway on Wednesday I set a new record on the tetris game I have on my iphone, I was so pumped! I didn't just beat it, I freakin' crushed it!!! So last night when I was uber bored I was laying on the couch in the living room playing tetris and being bored... this was my view of the world at that time...

and my face... lol

I haven't heard anything from Trestle yet, maybe I should call Mom.

My celebrity crush right now is Elizabeth Banks

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The life of a tortured soul with beautiful music and happiness before the darkness crept in...

I just finished reading Nick Drake's biography. Wow, I am in such a strange mood right now. I've been reading it over the past 2-3 weeks and usually read a chapter or so every night. Tonight finally marks the end of the book. I could sense it coming near and man, it really put me in a funny place. It'd probably be different if it was the afternoon and the sun was shining and I was in other's company, or maybe alone, I don't know. But it's not, it's 11:55pm and I'm in my room with the lights out and a few candles going as I play his final album, Pink Moon, which is so bleak but beautiful at the same time. I was just googling through some images of him (because as I read there are so few of him in existence) and I pretty much read about each photo session so I was curious which correspond to them. For his last photo session he was so depressed that he couldn't even look into the camera; it was about 1 hour's worth of a photo session in which the photographer, a friend of his, tried to capture what he could with what he had. He was even surprised that Nick even called him up or was even able to speak or mutter some type of communication. Well I came across the one that I had read about where the one person who was with them had a dog that was with them during the session. They brought him because of the inherent qualities that a fun-loving dog can bring out of anyone, especially a tortured depressed soul such as Nick Drakes. They say he took quite kind to that dog, and although he spoke no words or maybe didn't even crack a smile, he connected with that dog. They knew it. And so the photographer said his favorite picture is the one in which shows Nick's back to the camera (because that was usually what he gave, and couldn't get more than a 3/4's shot of him anyway) and the dog running up to him and greeting him in glee of his presence. It's quite striking after you read such a biography as I just did. Here is the photo.

As many of you know, I'm quite fond of his work. I don't know if you are or not, but if you haven't given his music a chance, you should. He led a good life for awhile, attending Marlborough as a high schooler enjoying the sporting life of a rugby player and a fascination with music. He was popular, the girls liked him because he was attractive but mystic in his presence because he didn't talk much, and everyone says he was very aware of his presence as a mysterious person. At first he took quite of himself as being the one who was slightly mysterious, tall, good-looking, and quite a catch. But there was darkness that lept beneath, a sensitive soul that had much potential but was unable or unwilling to give all that it took to make it in the music business which eventually led to "the darkness creeping around him" as they described it in the book. It's a shame but I guess things work themselves out as they do. You know? Some people have thin skin and with a slightly withdrawn personality, if things don't go your way, it can lead to disastrous things.

I guess it's somewhat of a life lesson. The only thing we are blessed with is the music that he did produce. Those three albums that i adore so much. He spoke in his music because he sure as hell didn't do it in real life. Everyone around him said, at least in the last 4-5 years of his life he barely spoke aloud, if nothing more than a mumble or a grunt. It's hard to imagine isn't it? I guess in the early 70's there wasn't much research done on depression, how to treat it, and a valid prescription for anti-depressants was issued like gum drops. I don't know, his music is beautiful.

You know what's amazing? I read that the last few months of his life showed almost a promise of his recovery from the darkness, his family and those who saw him around the end said he was becoming a bit brighter, possibly writing new material for an album and actually getting in touch with folks at Island records to record a new album. The last song on his last album is called "From The Morning" which is a beautiful almost beautiful song. check it out...

I don't know. I've always had a fascination with him and his music. He's been one of my favorites for awhile and I'm not sure how feel about now knowing the full story of his tragic life. I guess it doesn't have to be totally tragic, he made some amazing music that didn't get fully appreciated until posthumous. I guess it's like Van Gogh? I'm glad I read about his life because I got to learn about how outgoing and personal he was when he was younger. There were lots of qualities that, I don't know, I was going to say you can appreciate, but as I was trying to finish that sentence all I could think about was that correspond to a person like me. But, where one person takes to himself and goes inward, the other looks to those around him and moves forward. And that is where we all have to make the decisions which are best for us. I think for himself he knew what he was, what he wasn't (a rock 'n roll star, for reasons I don't need to go into), and between those two things it led to his demise.

The long and short of what I just totally rambled about is that his music is beautiful and if you haven't listened to it then you should. You get Pete's recommendation and if anyone knows me at all you should already know that I am a huge fan of his.

If you want to hear my favorite song of his, this is it but this is an outtake of it, it's stripped down from the version that is on Fives Leaves Left...

My second favorite song of his comes from his 3rd and last album...

The 2nd book that they show in that video is the one I read, the yellow cover written by Patrick Humphries.

OK enough of me about Nick.

I've got my re-interview tomorrow at 11:30am.


Monday, November 10, 2008


OK to give you a visual of me at this second in my life. I just made a cup of iced coffee using a french press, I picked up some groceries at Whole Foods so I finally have coffee creamer. I usually go for the coffeemate but i haven't seen that around so I got Silk french vanilla. Soy milk is better for me anyway. I am at my desk with a couple of candles and the overhead lights out and I just put on the Beach Boys Christmas album, bc you know what, I felt like it. I picked up a white button down for Trestle tonight and while I was there I picked up a deal on some nice waffle-knit shirts, check it out, oh I also ran into Simon & Garfunkel. I said to them "wow I love your album bridge over troubled water" and they said, umm we didn't write that one yet

Sunday, November 9, 2008

In the wee small hours...

I've been listening to this album for the past bit of time and am really enjoying it. I've never listened to it before and it's different from the more popular stuff that you always hear of his. This album is more of a concept album and great as an LP. Ava Gardner supposedly had dumped Frank and this is the album that was made shortly after that happened. the first flowering of Sinatra's mature artistic sensibility. Oh, and it's a masterpiece, too. The cover portrait suggests the mood of late-night desolation almost as effectively as the music, with Sinatra in the corner, smoking a solitary cigarette on deserted street illuminated only by the foggy, blue-green glow of lamplight.
yo guess what I fixed the time thing at the bottom so that it now actually reflects the real time of the post. You know who's the man?

His work was so great, I love how he built a platform on top of his station wagon so he could use it as his stage.

Now that's a serious camera, 8x10 view camera..woah. His work was just amazing though. I guess it's a bit, i don't want to call overrated but he's the poster child now for that style and type of photography. I don't care about all that though, I still love him.

"In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration. "

~that is a quote I read and seems to sit well with me right now. I have to agree and I'm trying to get those new experiences and explore new grounds to find what it is out there that I really want to be doing and who to do it with. That man had a lot of wisdom, he had a great sense about himself.

This is my desk area right now as I'm doing this post...

I got my laundry done today! It took longer than I thought so I didn't have a chance to go to the park or go get shoes, I'll do the shoes thing tomorrow morning. I'm kind of excited to do this thing tomorrow night. It'll be weird and awkward because I'll be fumbling around not really knowing what to do. But it's a nice Manhattan restaurant so it'll be pretty cool. It's a Monday so it won't be crazy busy. I just hope I get the position!!!

That's all I've got for now, bye forrest bye bubba.

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

I met up with Cori last night and had a lot of fun. We went to the Slaughtered Lamb for some grub and pints. From there we headed to this place called The Ale House, they had a good selection and we found a secret lower dungeon level that had dart boards!! I hadn't played in a longgg time, probably since the last Pete/Greg Quips excursion...

From there we went to this jazz club called the Fat Cat and caught the tail end of a band and played some Foosball and drank PBRs because they're mad cheap!!

Today it looks gorgeous outside. I have several goals to accomplish today:

1. Do my laundry
2. Make copies of the mail key
3. Get black shoes/belt whatever else I need for this job thing trmw night
4. Go enjoy the rest of the day in Central Park

well I should probably get on all of this.... lata

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trestle on 10th

Well I just got back from the interview. I'd say it went pretty well I guess. I'm set to come in on Monday from 6-9pm to shadow and help out with the servers. It's a way to see if it's a good fit for me and doesn't necessarily mean I got the job though. After I do Monday night I think she said I'll know by Thursday or Friday whether I got the position or not. I hope I do, it's full time with a lot of shifts available and it'll be good money. Gotta work hard for the $$ but definitely fun and fast paced!

I'm heading to Greenwich Village tonight to meet up with my buddy Cori. I love that area because it feels very European with the cobblestone streets and there's actually trees there and it's quiet. It's just really cool and I wish I could be a part of it more often than I currently am. It's expensive as hell though to live in that area! o m gawd...

How's your Saturday night going? The bottom of my pants are all wet. I hate that. I wish I could wear flip flops. all the time. I have to buy some shoes, a belt I think unless I have a black one here with me, just to do this shadowing thing on Monday. You have to wear black shoes, black belt, jeans, and a white button down shirt. I've got the jeans and shirt covered, although I probably should get a new shirt. Ehh we'll see. I really hope I get it, that'd be sick. It's in Chelsea.

Oh Brandon is coming to visit next weekend!! I'm so excited! I haven't seen him since.........oh earlier in the summer, but anyway I don't get to see/talk to him much so it's exciting shit :)

When I was walking around Manhattan ealrier after my interview I found this restaurant named after my street!

The sky was a really cool color when I was walking up
4th ave.

for the beauty

i love this dave matthews song, it's actually a cover

Tis the season

Hey friends! Sorry I haven't posted anything since Tuesday. It's been a busy week, I've been working hard at hardly working and it's hard work...haha. But good news first and that is I have an interview today at 2:30 at Trestle on 10th which is one of the restaurants that this guy Chris recommended me to check into because he used to be a manager there, so I have an in and I hope it works out..I feel good about it. Last night we had a shindig at our apartment, a pot luck actually. There was sooo much food here, which is a nice change because there hasn't been much food in this house for awhile and I've been skipping meals here and there...quite slimming. Anyway, it was pretty cool - drinking Manhattans and whatnot. We had a jam session on the roof, that was neato. It was like the on the roof of EMI headquarters in London in 1969 when The Beatles played.... not really. It was fun either way. Rich took me to see The Derek Trucks band on Thursday night at the Highline Ballroom. Dude that guy rocks the house, he is so amazing. And he just stands there without an expression on his face and just blows the whole place with his signature SG and slide. I snapped a few:

Ummm I've been getting cards in the mail from family members and that's always nice. If anyone out there is curious, my address is 179 knickerbocker ave, brooklyn, ny 11237 haha :)
I'm listening to Jolene by Ray LaMontagne right now. It's been a bit rainy and dreary here in the city, but mild for the season. I guess dreary brings negativity to mind but it's actually not necessarily a bad thing. Just when you are over in Manhattan without an umbrella and wearing flip flops (haha i know alll you people are like, Pete, why are you wearing flip flops in November in NYC?) cuz thats what I do, OK. It was funny because I hadn't worn flip flops out of the apartment in awhile so the other day I wore 'em, feeling cool about myself, and it was the one day that it rained hard over there and the one day I didn't actually wear covering footwear. The world finds its way to screw me again!!

I think Rich got tickets to see Dr. Dog at Webster Hall in the beginning of December, that's going to be awesome. Anyone out there that hasn't listened to their new album should because it's awesome. Actually I'll post a video of one of my favs from the new album.

well there aren't any of the studio version of the song so it's a live version from Johnny Brenda's which is a cool venue in Philly. I saw Nada Surf there a little over a year ago, great beers on tap there. I was walking around the east village yesterday and ran into where webster hall is, that's a real cool area. It was like 3rd and 10th or 11th. I was spreading my resume around at the time, go figure right!? it's 12:49 on saturday morning/afternoon. I should probably leave around 1:45 for the interview. On the roof jam last night I rocked Wonderwall on the guitar and got everyone involved in a sing along, fun fun. Another album you should check out is Peter, Bjorn, & John's new album Seaside Rock. It's mostly instrumental which is different from their normal indie pop kinda stuff but it's cool. Crap I jsut looked outside and it's raining. Oh well. Figures because I was going to actually do my laundry today! hahaha...

Well im going to head out, shower up, and get ready.

I hope you have a nice weekend

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


That was pretty amazing. I don't even know what to say! It was an exciting night and I'm so glad that Obama won. I was watching most of the coverage over at Rich's place when we found out he won. As I was walking to the subway stop there was a bar there that had the video coverage on a projection screen and as I was going by McCain was doing his speech and so a bunch of us on the street was gathering at the bar and watching it. I really didn't want to go home to the hood but I'm glad I did because I threw the online video coverage and got to watch Obama's acceptance speech and wow, that was very powerful. Haha I almost cried at one point, he's very moving and it was really nice to see so many people get behind him and I don't know, you can really tell his appreciation. I don't know if he's going to come through with everything he said but he's a very powerful speaker and as the listener you can't help but get behind that. I believe in him. I don't know what that means; all I know is that we are finally getting a different perspective in the white house and that says something in itself. Go Obama, thank god that 106 year old lady cast her vote for him.

Being here and doing what I'm doing right now is teaching me all different kinds of lessons. The one I'm thinking about right now is the ability to be comfortable with myself and being alone and okay with that. I find myself every day just wandering around the city by myself. I came home tonoight from watching the election and no one's here. I usually walk around alone and thinking alone and you know, I'm different from my roommates so even when they are here it's different mindsets and all that. Like the other day, I guess it was probably Monday, I was walking through Manhattan just plastering my restaurant resume around to all the places I could find and I turned the corner and boom there was a huge open space in the middle of the street where there were tables and chairs and right there in front of all of that was the flat iron building. I never knew where it was and I had no idea that I was going to run into it, but I did. It was like wow, there it is, I've seen you many times in pictures but never in person. I didn't have anyone there to enjoy it with me. And say if Gordon was there with me he probably would have just briskly walked passed it to get where he's going but I'm still on that newcomer level so I guess it's better that I was alone anyway. I don't know, it's that thing that you have to get over in your mind when you're alone, or that point where you realize that you are alone and that you accept it. Maybe by me going on about this I'm not quite accepting it yet but I think so. I can enjoy things by myself, and honeslty there are a lot of times when I'm glad I'm doing things by myself. You are the only person that you have to approve of, or accept the consequences with. Anyway, I snapped a pic with my trusty iphone of the building. I sat at one of the tables that was there in the street and took a sit down for a bit. (Actually I looked up the current restaurant postings on craigslist, lol...)

Well this post totally spiraled into other things but I guess that's where my mind was going. I'm listening to bubble toes right now by JJ. You know what's funny? When I used to come to NYC to visit with gordon and drew (my roommates), but specifically gordon, we used to go and do all kinds of stuff while I was here. Now that I'm here we've barely yet to do anything!! I mean, there's this and that but that's probably about it, a couple of things. I don't know, I guess I don't really know what I had in mind or what I expected. But everyone's on their own wavelength and gordon and drews are both definitely a different wavelength than mine. And that's okay. That's why it's good that I'm okay with doing my own thing and living my own life! I just gotta get into the rhythm of the city and get some income flowing and naturally things will fall into place. They will, right??? YES. Okay thanks :)

Oh, I followed up with that woman from the placement agency yesterday and I finally heard back from her today. Basically nothing has crossed her desk that lends itself to me so she'll get into contact with me if she finds anything. So basically, I'm in my best interest and therefore should get shit done myself and not depend on anyone else. I guess that's what I'm learning...

I'm not very sleepy and right now it's 1:04am. I've got a huge pile of laundry that I need to do soon and have just been dragging my feet to take it all down the street to the laundromat. What else has been on my mind lately? I miss my friends from clipper. I don't know if you guys read this or not but I do miss all those little things that we did, we all had our routines that we were in together and it was cool. I haven't really talked to you guys much since I left and I don't want anyone to think that I "moved on" or something, it's not like that. I hope you all are doing well and that the 6G spot is not the same without all the beatles pictures and music playing.

Alright well it's not four minutes later than when I said it before and I'm still not tired but I'm going to find something to keep me occupied (by myself) and yea. I really like being able to share these things with you and I'm glad that I started this whole thing. Kel you're the one who asked me to do this!! I hope you read it. Either way I'm glad I started it. Keep in touch friends.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is a very historic day. I'm really excited to see what happens. It's a pivotal moment in this countries history and it's cool to be a part of such an intense time. I'm listening to St. Stephen by the Grateful Dead and before that I had CS&N on. Haha that has become part of the blog for some reason, saying what songs I'm listening to. I guess it's a good indication as to the type of mood I'm in...

Today was an alright day. I found a good job that I applied for online today. It was for a CSR position that required a bachelor's degree and a years experience so that's perfect! The compensation was good and it had benefits so I sent off an e-mail with a cover letter and my resume, so hopefully I hear something back. I've been sending out a lot of those e-mails lately with no word back soooo I won't hold my breath!! I hit the pavement again today and got my resume into a couple of places. Most are just taken by the bartender who's working and probably glanced at quickly and thrown into the trashcan, lol. Oh well, I gotta get out there somehow!! My sister made me feel better tonight, (thank you :) ), and it'll work out. I just gotta stay positive. Keep on a goin', or truckin' as the dead would say. Oh speaking of the dead, Hey Dad, check this out!! This was on a job posting that was on CraigsList:

I don't know if you can read that, can you? In the area I highlighted it says "No deadheads sorry." hahahahaha it's like Easy Rider or something, needless to say I didn't apply, lol.

Well I'm excited to see the poll results tonight, Go Obama!!

Peace & Love

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hitting the pavement

Well I headed into the city today and spread my resume around all over the place. I went to all different kinds of bars/restaurants in midtown east/west around 14th street then down into the village and back up into chelsea. I tried to go into as many places as I could; some I got to interview with, some were nice and took my resume, and then some just said no we're not hiring and then I walked out. My goal is to find employment THIS WEEK. Tomorrow I'm going to do the same thing starting from the first stop off the L in Manhattan, at 1st avenue. Then going westward from there. It's going to happen, i'm going to find something. That's all there is to it, no more of this negative thoughts and depressive mindset. I know i've got bills to pay and no money to pay 'em so I'm getting out there and finding the money.

That's that.

I'm listening to Misty Mountain Hop right now and I like it.

This is a rather enjoyable youtube video I just watched:

pretty cool right?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I feel a little better

I do. Which is good. I still need a feckin' job but I currently feel better than I did a couple of hours ago and that is basically all that matters to me right now. Two things that have made me feel better is listening to Frank Sinatra and watching youtube videos of Zooey Deschanel.

She has amazing eyes...

and Frank's just the man...

you know what's funny? He will always remind me of going to church on Sunday mornings, stupid Sunday with Sinatra. When I was a kid I cursed off the person who came up with that. Now I love his music and it makes me feel good inside when I listen to it. I guess it's because it reminds me of my family and those mornings when we were all together going to church. He's also deeply nestled in my mom's side of the family and that's cool too. I'd like to read his biography.

I've been poisoned...

Seriously, I think I got food poisoning. It would have to have been from the Taco Bell I ate on Friday night, ugh. My obdominals are burning and i wiki'd it and I think that might be what I have. Either way it's pretty uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep because of it last night. The last day and a half have been sucky. Yesterday was detox day and then my food borne illness started kicking in and I couldn't sleep. Today hasn't been great either but it's now after 5 and I feel ok, it still hurts but I've been listening to the song "Reasons for Waiting" by Jethro Tull and it's been making me feel better. This city at this moment is makingme feel alone. And gordon keeps playing the same song over and over and it's like, ugh. I look forward to meeting new people but most of all getting a job and having something to do because i'm getting really bored. and unimportant. and i'm going to be needing to find my own fun and entertainment and "things" that are in line with what i'm into because i'm different than some of the people around me. Right now i'm listening to "up and away" by dave matthews which was on his solo album and i love this song too. You know how cats get worms and it's really gross? I feel like I have worms inside my stomach right now that i gotta poop out or take that medicine that gets rid of 'em. I should figure out a way to make my room sound proof and then I won't be able to hear anything. I guess it's like a love hate relationship with this city right now. I love it, or I want to love it but i'm not established yet and so it just kicks me in the dirt. Well there's no dirt here so pavement. haha. Check out this secret Lennon interview, the graphics are amazing...

That's my rambles for now, I'll probably have more soon because it's only 5:42 and I've got nothing to do.

The who parade trucks band?

What a crazy night on Friday. The parade in the village was a lot of fun and I got to meet some new people and make some new friends. I have some pics from the parade and oh I forgot to mention about The Who show that I was at a few days ago. We had nose-bleed seats, BUT the people we were there with somehow had 2 floor level seats that were really close to the stage. So Cori and I got to hang out there for a few songs and it was amazing!! Such a different feeling being that close than being wayyyy up and not even able to see what's happening.

This is what it looked like from our seats up top:

This was the view from the floor seats!!

Huuuuuuge difference!! The intensity was so much greater down here and the concert was so much more enjoyable when you're that close. They were also $200 a ticket too!!

This was Rich's costume

There was so many political aspects throughout the entire parade. I guess it's inevitable but it'd be nice to just get away from all of that for a sec. But this was a big cross that had McCain's head on the top and it mentions about war and stuff

So this weekend has been a pretty good time. Since I've been here we really haven't been doing all that much as far as roommates and doing stuff or going to check stuff out. But this weekend was good because I got to meet some new people and hang out with Rich. This week we are going to see Derek Trucks Band on the 6th in Chelsea, that's Thursday. I look forward to it. I'll make another post later, this one I had to just sum up the last few days in one post because I've been getting behind. Anyway, I think I might make some pasta salad today.