Tuesday, March 31, 2009

T for Tuesday

Wow it's been awhile since I've had a chance to talk. I've had problems getting my hands on a computer to reach out to you and therefore have been slacking on the posts. Things have been slightly busier for me now that I'm working and keeping busy. I spent the weekend trying to catch up on some R&R to kick this cold that I've had for over a week now. I watched some movies, listened to music, read BOOKS, and whatever else. It's Tuesday and I only have a few more hours till the end of the day. It's been kind of a slow day for me here... there's not too much for me to do in shipping or anything (that's where I was posted yesterday). I've walked through a few times asking the manager if he needs any help and so here we are. I ran some numbers and got some quotes and proposals for my current project and spent my morning doing that. It's not too bad right now, most of the staff is really pre-occupied about the "move" and "merger" so there's a lot of heresay and chattering going around. Enough about work though - that's the boring stuff...

My friends from NYC are coming down to Baltimore this weekend and I'm real excite for it!! I haven't seen them in awhile and it's their first time down to my new digs so it should be pretty out of control. The weather is supposed to be nice on Saturday so I'm thinkinggggg rooftop partayyyyy!!!!! Mannnn it's going to be funnnn. Then the following weekend Suz is coming down for the weekend, or atleast for her weekend and I'm really looking forward to that too...

I got my government refund from my taxes!!! Good news there. It's helping me pay for some bills and lower my CC debt. I'm thinking/hoping I'll be able to knock out all of my CC debt within the next couple months. I'm going to keep putting everything towards getting rid of that so I don't have it hanging over my head and snowballing. Once I get that together I need to start paying back some of the $$ I owe my parents and get my macbook. Hopefully this all will be taking place in not toooooo long.

I must apologize this [tomorrow never knows] blog has been quite boring as of late. I promise once I get my macbook this shiz will be the shiz. Well I don't know about that but I will be able to do so much more with it, whenever I want!!

It's so nice to have Winter just about behind us and the Spring Sun in our faces. You know what that means.......

- Flip Flops
- The beach! The ocean!
- Concerts
- a tan
- drinking outside in the hot hot afternoon :)
- Road trips (hopefully - first on my list is Boston!)
- keeping my window open at night while I sleep
- girls in skirts, and summerish clothes
- being light out till 9pm!

- what else do you look forward to???

- it just makes you feel better...

...about life, about being alive, existing in general.

it's those little things that make me happy.

I am going to hang out in New York a lot too [on the wknds].

Ohhhhh I almost forgot to tell you! Have you seen Nick & Norahs infinite playlist?? Dude guess what!! Well the whole movie takes place in New York City and revolves around music. Well there is this artist that is relaly rare to see live and it's rumoured that they're playing in the city somewhere but no one knows where. At one point they think it might be at Brooklyn Pool and I was like thinking to myself, I used to hang out in Union Pool all the time. Like every Friday night I was at the pool, well that's exactly the place they were talking about!!! That whole scene took place at union pool where I used to chill all the time, I'd spent a bunch of time in the room that it was filmed in. Hahaha it doesn't sound that exciting on here but for me in my head it was really exciting.. check it out:

well I can't really find any specific pics that show off that scene, I think this one may be from that scene in the pool but I don't know, but this is from the movie...

Anywayz if you like music, the city, or just this type of "indie" movie and music feel, you should totally see it. And Michael Cera is always awesome so I recommend it.

Well I need to get going
hopefully TTYS

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thrown to the Wolves

Helloooooo. How are you? I'm doing pretty well. I'm finishing my second day right now. It's a little after 5 and I'm sitting at my desk. Today was a big improvement from yesterday... in the fact that I'm feeling much more comfortable and am starting to figure things out, and "case the joint" as that sink or swim book was telling me to do. Basically I'm getting a lot of space to get things done on my own... if I wanted I could probably just twittle around at my desk and do nothing but I'm trying to stay proactive and get things accomplished. I believe this is like my initiation period so if I can do these little things first then it'll prove my competence (ha!).

Sooooooo I don't think I've told you but basically I'm walking into this company right as a merger is happening with our company and another down the street. It's an interesting period to walk into because everyone is on edge, everything needs to be moved from this facility to the other one, and we need to buy/throw away equipment, office furniture, supplies, figure out new layouts and on top of all of that keep our daily day-to-day business running. Basically my work life is going to be consumed with working out the details on this "merger" and trying to do what I can. Basically my first task has been examining what is going to be the sales room and get it cleared out, painted, and researching and buying new cubicles for the room. It's been interesting so far and I've been doing research at my desk and then going over to the other facility to scope out the room, throw crap out, and talk with the presidents about what they want. Sooo I've had leway to do what I want, and whatnot.

Like I said it's going to be an itneresting period for everyone and to just start like this right at the beginning is completely different and a very unique situation. I think it will be a good thing. One thing for sure is that the other facility that we're moving to is much nicer!!

I feel like with this position I will have more responsibility, room for personal input, and a lot more intensive projects that I can feel more confident about.

How are things with you?

Everyone is nice and has been treating me well so far (ha!).

It feels good to be putting myself to work and like I said I'm trying to help out as much as I can but everyone is really busy around me so I don't think my introduction is really going as it should. Buttttt you know me so I'm just trying to jump in and do what I can.

Outside of work I'm doing pretty well. Still just adjusting and finding my footing.

I believe I have a few weekends coming up with visitors. The boys will be coming up in a couple weeks and then the weekend after that Suz is coming so I'm real excited for that.

A few days ago I started getting sick and have been sniffling and blowing junk out of my face ever since. I'm still feeling like rubbish but hopefully will be getting better soon. It kinda sucks I'm starting out my position feeling like this but, what are you going to do?

Tomorrow is a super long day because there's this "emerge" conference going on in D.C. that I have to go work for the company. I freakin' have to be there at 6am! That means leaving Bmore at 5am! WTF!!!?!??

Thennnnn we're there alllllll day and it ends at 6 but we need to stay till 8 to clean up!!! I doubt it will really go and take till 8 to clean up. I'm thinking the whole thing will not be and take as long as they say so hopefully it will end at a reasonable time and then it's Friday!!

I don't really have any plans for this weekend so that's TBA.

I will try to post for often but I won't be getting a Macbook for a little bit, I need to get some paychecks coming in and things taken care of.

Well it's 5:30 and I'm going to head out of the office and go home.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Interactive Ansel Adams Feature

Click on the image to be sent to NY Times website for a neat interactive guide to nine photographs by Ansel Adams and a narrative explaining the year, purpose, and meaning of the photographs.

I want an Easy Plateau some place to rest my Head

When i received my introductory packet from Corporate for this new job it came with a book called Sink or Swim. It's a 12 week guide to getting off on the right foot on your new job. I know, it's kind of lame but I've been reading it and doing what I'm told. I mean it's not required to read it but recommended and I want to take this whole thing seriously so that's what I've been doing... reading up on the stuff. It's organized week by week with an introduction in the beginning so I've read through and up to where my second week is starting. Soooo I'm kind of ahead of the curve.

That's what I've been doing the last hour or so, listening to vinyls and laying on my bed reading. The information in it is nothing too spectacularly new and exciting but a good refresher on important things to consider and take notice of. I think it's a lot of good information for someone who has never really worked in an office setting before or it's their first job. For me I've hit two birds with one stone so a lot of it is stuff I kind of noticed through personal experience. Also you learn a lot through watching other people that you work with. Soooo as example I learned what to do and what not to do by watching my co-workers around me at my old job at the magazine. I'll be honest, mostly what NOT to do, is what I learned the most! hahaha! You know what I mean guys [if any clipper friends are reading this right now...].

things I miss about NYC:

- Riding on the subways (I know kind of a surprise right!?)

- Hanging out in Union Square

- The Green Market in Union Square

- My friends

- The unpredictability (major one)

- The endless amount of options and things to do

- Seeing new and exciting things every day

- The random and freaky-weird people

- Suz

- Just walking down the street with my earbuds playing me music

I don't know what else. I guess just the whole 'feel' of it. I'm still in adjustment period and it won't really kick in until I'm working and a few weeks in, things to do, busy, hopefully exercising and working out on a regular basis, etc. B eing a bit more 'stable'. Seeing friends? Making friends? YES.

Well I hope this post is a bit more interesting....

... I think it is ....

[just] getting back in [2] it.

***New Vampire Weekend***

On the Rain Drenched Streets...

There's this show called Las Vegas that is on TNT in the late morning/afternoon that I've started watching. It's mildly entertaining and keeps my attention. That's what I'm doing right now.... hanging out in the living room and watching the show. I know I know starting on Tuesday I will not be able to watch it, THANK GOD. Haha, watching TV in the afternoon is on one hand awesome to just chill and hang out, sip my coffee, etc. On the other hand it makes me feel like a piece of shiz and that I should be somewhere else being productive. It's that hand that I'm looking forward to. It's a rainy, damp afternoon here in Baltimore. I've been feeling like I have lead a sedentary life style lately andreally looking forward to getting back to working full time, running, and working out. It's been a crazy last half a year and has kind of gotten me off track of all of that. Soo something to work back into, you know?

I'm real excited for The Beatles show this weekend. OMG I'm at such a loss for convo topics, things to talk about, blahhhhhhhhh bla. This blog has not been very entertaining lately, welllllll was it ever before??? Anywayz, it's true. I've been kind of slacking but I think I know why. When I have a computer in front of me all the time [or] have access to a computer at all times then I have more time to search around, look at stuff, and have more interesting things to post about. It also jogs my mind on stuff and brings up things I've thought about, etc. Annnnnd when I have a computer in front of me then I can post at the moment that I have something on my mind. Currently I am posting posts when I can, when htere's a computer in front of me, and you know how it goes. It's like going to the grocery store or the record shop and you've been thinking about all the stuff you want and when you finally get there you totally can't remember what it was that you wanted. It's been like what, 3 weeks since I moved here? We're still working on how the living situation is best working. So far it's been pretty good but you know, you gotta get into the rhythm of things and figure out the best way to make it work. Blah blalllalblblahhhhh.

Since I've moved I've had a chance to flex my cooking muscle. I mean, nothing crazy big or exciting but we have a nice kitchen here with all kinds of stuff. Annnnd I've had time to do it too. So that's good. Ummmmmm so boring right? I think it's because my life is pretty boring right now and therefore it infuses into everything about me being boring. You would think I'd be used to it by now but I'm not!

Tonight is trivia night and I think we're going. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole trivia night. It's fun.... but we always suck compared to all the other teams. It's me and the roommates who go and then we usually meet up with some random people. My roommates are kinda chummy with each other so and then the randomers on top it makes for an interesting night. I guess I jsut wish suz would be there with me or something.

Maybe I will find soemthing interesting to post on here.

Until then I guess you're stuck with me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Irish Car Bombs!

Green beers!

Catching Ups

Hey, I know it's been awhile but I haven't really had access to a computer and sooooo that's why. So I guess I'll just spit out some stuff to update you on happenings in my life. Let's see.... the last time I talked to you I was getting ready to go to New York for the weekend. Not to go into the whole thing too deeply but the weekend was amazing. I stayed with Suzanne at her place the whole weekend and it went perfectly. We had a lot of fun together and things seem to be getting more serious and deeper. It's making me really happy. It's sort of unfortunate that something like this is happening in somewhat of a "long-distance" relationship but hey, what can you do?

We hung out with some of my buddies on Friday at the Brewery and then the Biergarten. Saturday we got up mad early and went to the Red Lion in manhattan to watch the rugby matches and ended up staying there all day. It was a lot of funnnn.

Soooo long story short great weekend and things are amazing with Suz.

Yesterday I went into Westland [the facility i'm going to be working at...] and filled out a bunch of paperwork, to a drug test [!], and that was about it. So I'm just about all set up to start on Tuesday. It's very exciting, I'm anxious to start and have somewhere to spend my time throughout the day because I've been just around the house and stuff.

Buttttt I should get off of here because my roommate Erik [who's macbook I'm using] needs to use it so I'll have to catch catch up with you later!

btw I have some pics of car bombs and green beer to show you....

kep yo eyez out for dem.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dark Was The Night

These three videos are great little documentaries about the making and performance of three songs that appear on the red hot compilation. As you've probably already heard me talk about, post videos and audio clips of this red hot cancer fund raising music compilation; it's amazing and if you have any similarity in music with me than you should definitely look into the compilation and I suggest watching these videos and listening to the songs I've posted...

look I know a lot of you don't ever listen to the tracks that I post on here but you seriously should take 8 minutes and listen to the song I just posted on the last post.

I just used the word post 3 times in 1 sentence.

Thirsty Thurs and Trivia Night

helloooooooo. How are you? I'm alright. I'm just having my coffee and taking care of some administrative duties that pertain to [my new job]!!! If you can't read what that mug says then it says "hugger" and it shows arms around a tree. I'm hanging out in the living room watching some HDTV and doing what I just said. There's this show called Las Vegas that I'm watching, I've watched a few episodes . It's entertaining... that's about it.

I did some shopping yesterday at the local mall in the evening and walked around the Inner Harbor in the afternoon all [by myself]. At the mall I got some new business pants at Banana Republic and a new pair of jeans from AE. I just sneazed like 6 times. Man I'm so boring aren't I? I've got nothing exciting to talk about! Tonight is trivia night at Max's... we did it last week and lost but wasn't the biggest loser so that's something. It was our first week so we're just getting into it but we're playing on doing it every week. I leave for New York tomorrow so I'm really excited about that. I'm trying to stay as cool, laid back, and go-with-the-flow as I can with Suzanne. You know I'm trying to do it right and not push anything, not like smother and just leave some space. It's interesting, I think about it her a lot. This weekend should tell a lot because it's the first time we're hanging out since I left and doing the whole I'm coming and seeing you thing. If it's all cool and we're hanging out like nothing had changed then that's awesome and I'm expecting and hoping that that is how it will be.

It's slowly starting to get warm out and you know what that means!! It's concert season! I have not been to many concerts lately and I'm very excited to see some live music.

[I got] my start date at Westland. Tuesday March 24 is the day. Not sure why it's on a Tuesday but that's the day! Annnnnnd my first paycheck will be April 10th. Seems sooo far right?

There's a bunch of paperwork, transcripts, drug tests, and other stuff that needs to be taken care of before all the cards are lined up for take-off.

Well I think that's all I've got me in right now.

Like i said I'm really struggling with things to say lately. I'm just.... don't have a lot going on right now and am spending most of my time by myself. [It's still] an adjustment period so bare with me.

Listen to this song, it's on the Dark Was The Night compilation and is possibly one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Radiohead Documentary by USC Marching Band from Grammy's

Big News

Well the time has come my friends. I'm surprised I didn't tell you yesterday but I didn't have computer access and didn't feel like doing it on my iPhone. Soooo yesterday morning I received the call and was offered the job that I've been interviewing for down in here in Baltimore! I know - great news. It's been a long time coming and there have been many ups and downs over the past six months. But I am happy to say that I am gainfully employed with a great starting salary, benefits, and excellent unlimited growth potential.

It's all coming together here in Baltimore and so far so good. It's a little overwhelming right now, I'm like still getting adjusted and trying to figure out how I fit into the mix. I'll be honest - it's true; I'm still getting acquainted with everything and it's been an interesting adjustment. Haha yesterday was a day for celebration and excitement and there wasn't really any of that. My roommates had a lot of work to do so they had their noses in their laptops all night. Which I can completely understand that because there's work that needs to be done; I just don't have anyone else in a close proximity just yet. So I spent the night listening to vinyls, watching things on my television, and well just being alone and non-rambunctious. So that's just an example of part of my adjustment process. I miss my friends a lot and stuff.

I also haven't had an overwhelming desire to really say much on here lately. I guess all this keeping to myself is really actually keeping things inside. I think it's more of just being slightly less outgoing from NY and still adjusting with everything. So enough about that.... I am not sure when I start the new job yet; I'm waiting to hear back from the President because he's the boss man. I'm going to assume next Monday?

I'm heading up to NY this weekend to see my friends and Suzanne. I'm looking forward to it. That's been a strange adjustment too. You know just as things were getting good, even more comfortable and serious, everythings been switched up. So that's been an adjustment as well. I saw that "War Pigs" was scratched into the bathroom wall over the weekend at a bar in D.C. so I had to take a pic of it because that's a kickass Black Sabbath song.

The weather down here was amazing over the weekend! Like 75 degrees and stuff. I think this weekend it should be pretty warm too, not that nice though. Today it's overcast and way cooler.

See I told you I don't have much to spit out as of late.

I'm in a strange place. And need more time. And friends.

And paychecks rolling in and hellz yea.

I feel like I should be wayyy mor excited than I am. Which I am. I'm just not being outright about it. I guess not enough peer stimuli. This weekend will be funnn tho.

I'm very excite about this weekend.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

I heart Patterson Parkkk

It's so gorgeous outside so I went for a run in the park and came
across this cool rubbish can reflection scene.

Firday Night Lights

Hello there, Friday morning here in Baltimore, 47 degrees outside, looks overcast, 10:44am. I'm just having my coffee, listening to Ryan Adams on vinyl, and awaiting the e-mail. I have preconceived notions and evidence that I am definitely maybe getting the job but I'm just waiting to get the definite final word from the president and learn the next step. There's a bunch of paperwork that is going to need to be pushed from the facility to corporate and then to me so I'm not sure how long all of this will take. I don't know my salary info yet; that's what I'm waiting to hear from corporate and get that whole package of info. I have a ballpark idea what the salary will be though.

I'm excite about the whole thing. I feel like things are falling into place somewhat. I know it's not exactly what I dreamed about when I left Clipper but then again, life isn't really how we pictured it anyway, is it? I had an amazing 6 months in New York, met all kinds of amazing people, did all kinds of amazing things, and now I have a sweet digs in Baltimore. I'm still just getting adjusted but you know this neighborhood is really cool and we are RIGHT by the downtown area, the inner harbor, and all the different cool neighborhoods. I've been talking to some people while we're out and they're talking about oh how they live in this area and like to go out in this area and I'm clueless! It reminds me of when I first moved to NYC! Gimme some time... especially since I'm driving now and have to know how to get there on my own instead of just jumping on the subway.

I went to PA for a bit yesterday and got a new driver's license (looks so stupid) and took care of some business at home. I snagged some vinyls from my parents (good picks! old school shiz). I've got quite the collection up in here; pretty eclectic and varied as it spans from classic rock stuff, Frank Sinatra, all the way through brand new albums like Radiohead and Fleet Foxes and Dr. Dog and Norah Jones and My Morning Jacket and Postal Service and Ryan Adams and others....

So I'm just rambling about random little stuff. Basically at this point I'm waiting to see when I will be starting so I can plan my life accordingly. Hopefully I will be starting rather quickly as I am not doing much by day.

Well I'm really losing my focus here and don't really think I'm going anywhere with this post sooooooooooo enjoy your Fridaaaayyyyyy Nighttttttttt!!!!

It won't be like my friday nights in NYC with the boys :(

I gotta find some cool shiz to dooooooo

oh Iwill.





Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's 3:51pm on Tuesday afternoon. I'm kind of bored at the moment. I just watched the first Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; I thought it was pretty good. Van Morrison was the musical guest and performed Sweet Thing off of the Astral Weeks album, which is phenomenal. I went over to Fell's Point this afternoon but a little bit. Since then I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, made some lunch, watched Anthony Bourdaine on the Travel Channel, been listening to vinyls I picked up at Soundgarden, taking care of some things online, and patiently awaiting an e-mail from work about what the next step is!!

I'm really looking forward to getting on track with a schedule, having a place to get up and go to in the morning, feeling productive and needed, and financially sound. I think it's all coming together though. It's just this transition period that's getting me again. And it's boring being around the house by myself; I do miss having some friends around.

Well maybe I'll go read or something...

Listening to new LP's

Right now I'm hanging out listening to some new vinyls I picked up and messing about on Erik's MacBook Pro. This shot is going to be my new "shot", I will still use the mirror shot but this is slightly easier and cooler. Of course this won't go into effect until I get my MacBook but I got some good news today that puts that in the foreseeable future. My tax return is going to cover the entire cost of a MacBook Pro soooooo, booya!!!

Annnnnd also if I get this job then the salary will be good as well so it's all going to work out :)

Right now I'm listening to the Dark Was The Night compilation on vinyl and it is soooooo good. If you like indie music and you haven't heard of it [which you should have...] then you should totally pick it up because it has every artist that you would possibly want on it.

My current mood is happy and excited.

An aggragate Chart of Music that Makes you Smart or Dumb

Please go to this link:


And look at this chart. This dude compared SAT scores to taste in music and came up with this chart.

How do you rate?? By this chart I'm actually pretty smart!

It happened once upon a Tuesday afternoon...

It's been a hectic few days so I haven't really had a chance to be on here much. Also I don't have Gordon's MacBook on my desk all the time anymore so it's going to be more difficult getting extended posts in here! Fortunately our roommate Erik has a beautiful MacBook Pro (which is even nicer than Gordon's...) but I won't be able to borrow it as much. This is hopefully exactly what I'm going to be getting in not too long. Anyway, Erik's at work so I'm taking advantage of it and getting some internet non-face time in. I'm up in my new room sitting at my desk, Black Sabbath on the vinyl, and an iced coffee.

I've had a few days to settle in which have been productive and has helped my mind as well. My room has come together very nicely, it's just a lot smaller than my room in NYC so I've been trying to figure out how to make it all work. Haha unfortunately my nice computer chair doesn't fit in front of my desk as it is right now so I'm sitting on a little stool right now. Most of my wall prints are up and I've got the big mirror up as well. I'll take some pictures then and post 'em. The thing I'm most proud of is how I did my music set up in here. It took me forever to figure out how to make it work and which plugs to use, but alas I figured it out!! So basically I'm using my computer speakers (which are two speakers and a subwoofer), but I'm using those speakers to play my vinyl phonograph as well as my iPod/laptop. I have one of those A/B switchers where when A is pressed down then the sound from the vinyl player will come out and when B is pressed down then sound will either come out of my iPod or the computer (they use the same plug). It's a sick setup. Oh and the vinyl player sounds even better on these then before; and I'm not missing any channels.

Yesterday was my meeting/tour/f2f interview at the CGX facility at Westland. Since we'd gotten a blizzard the night before and into that morning the roads were treacherous, my car was completely covered in snow and frozen, and well I just didn't feel like going. That drive was rough but I made it. It went from 10am to about 3pm. Throughout that time I interviewed with about 5-6 people and they all went really well. After about 4 hours of interviews I went out to lunch with the president and then we came back and that was about it. It was left for me to decide if I feel comfortable with everyone I met and the facility and to get back to him if I want to proceed. I do, then I did [get back to him], so I'm just waiting to move on to the next step. I know everyone I interviewed with will need to talk about whether I'd be a good fit, blahb lahblalblalblblah, but I know everyone will agree to bring me in. All my interviews went really well. There wasn't any salary talk or anything so I'm not that that needs to happen sometime but other than that I should be able to start very soon!

I know it was really difficult to leave New York but for some reason this is starting to feel right. It seems like this was the right decision to make at the time and it will be leading me in the right direction. In the short term it's a bummer for me and my friends, Suzanne, but in the long term this will defiintely be the right decision and I know it will be getting me on the right track and where I belong.

It's really cold out here; I think my iPhone read something like 18 degrees out?!? I thought I went South??

What'd you think of the 95N - New York ::: 95S - Baltimore pic??? Kind of ironic right? One good thing is that I live right off of 95 and that means I can just jump on that shit and get to New York a few hours later. The house is working out pretty well so far. I've been watching some T.V. which is weird and I'm not sure how much I want to get sucked into it. I really am needing/wanting to get my macbook in here so I can do stuff on there and not get sucked into the T.V.

I think this afternoon I'm going to trek over to Fell's Point and check out Soundgarden, a kickass music store on a cobble stone street by the bay. Other than that I might look around a bit but all the while I'm just anxiously awaiting a reply from the president of the facility waiting to hear what the next step is. Wish me luck!! I think it's all going to work out!!! OMG you should hear how good these vinyls sound; I just put on the Fleet Foxes EP and it's glorious.

If my friends in NY are reading this I miss you guys too and will be back to go to the Biergarten and Union Pool and Hugs [hahahhaa nope] sometime very soon!!

Everyone else that could possibly maybe be reading this then I'm in Baltimore, MD now so I could be closer to you so maybe you should think about coming to visit with me?

Sunday, March 1, 2009


New Surroundings

I'm talking to you from my same bed but it's in a different city. It's
2:10am and I'm laying here listening to music on my iPhone and trying
to understand what's going on around me. It's been such a long crazy
day that I'm not sure if I'm tired, confused, empty or what. It does
feel weird though.

It reminds me of the first night I slept in NYC. One good thing is
that I got to see a good friend of mine that I haven't seen in a long
time. I'm prob gonna run out of room bc i'm typing in an email. I miss
my friends. I miss the possibility of seeing suzanne. I've got changes
and organization and preparation to do tmrw. I should sleep.

I've got more to let out when im on a real computer.


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