Thursday, April 29, 2010

To New Beginnings

This is my first photobooth picture session in a long time. I actually haven't used the Photoshop on my MacBook in a really long time (I've just been using my version on my computer at work (for work stuff.... blah)). I took the afternoon off from work to take care of arranging the moving company to get all of my stuff from the Northeast down to my new apartment in Houston. Speaking of the new apartment... I get my keys tomorrow and start moving in! I am extremely excited to move into my own place, I also have furniture being delivered in Saturday as well. I think I'm going to be purchasing a new LED TV then as well, so some exciting stuff is happening right now! I am really looking forward to making this place my own, it's going to be super cool. I'm going to paint one of my walls with chalkboard paint so it'll look a little something like this:

Tomorrow night I am going to see the band Phoenix and then on Sunday is the first of three Dr. Dog shows I am going to!! Life is pretty good right now, to be honest, and am very grateful for the people I have around me. I am going to miss my buddy Trevor who is heading back to Toronto tomorrow. We have basically spent every day together for the past three months so it's going to definitely be an adjustment to my lifestyle. We go to work together, then work together and talk all day, then head home together and grab dinner together, hang out together, listen to music, talk about music, girls, fashion, everything. It's been a great relationship since I've known him. I'm so glad that we were placed together. I don't think it could have worked out any better. He's such an easy going cool dude... most if not all Canadians I've met are awesome people. Why is that??? All I can say is that look out passport, you are getting renewed soon, and I am going to Toronto, Canada for the first time, and not the last time, in my life. We are having a big last night throw down for him tonight at our regular hang out bar place near us. Everyone will be there. It's going to be a blast. An appropriate goodbye for the Muckle Man.

I am doing some laundry, going to grab some dinner, and finish up a few things before the night begins. Right now I'm listening to Nada Surf on vinyl and drinking some green tea. I just made a pot of coffee and threw it in a pitcher to cool down in the ice box. Mmmm for some tasty iced coffees. Speaking of coffees I found this super cool indie cafe / coffee shop in the Montrose area of Houston that Trevor and I went to the other night. The menu is great, really good healthy items, lots of veggies and stuff, and great coffee drinks. Cool vibe, good music, neat area. I think I'm finding my spots in this new city of mine...

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